99clubs 赢了五万多却收不到钱

  1. win 50000 but cannot make withdrawal with 99clubs


  1. 現在很多上網賭都是騙人的

    • 所以要在sponsor 我们的博彩公司下注。。一点点钱舍不得打广告怎么舍得赔你们呢?

  2. Ya sir you know what… they cannot even paid you that why they said you hack the game.,..

    So far im being a hacker about 4 years i dont even see any people can hacked casino because it totally server sided and it was setting from server

  3. Ok

  4. Omg… frust giler cm ni

  5. 老兄!让我来屌他!99club 我屌你妈咪个嗨。。。。人家用真金白银deposit给你的,不是金银纸!输不起,你别学人开公司。。知道吗?不屌你,我整身不爽。。。cnm….狗比你有良心呀!骗人钱的狗种。。。不对,不对。。。。你连做狗不匹!草泥马的!

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