Andrey Arshavin Hair Shaving Journalists Because Win Bets

Kazakhstan – How satisfied Andrey Arshavin could denude sports journalist in Kazakhstan. The incident began when Andrey Arshavin joined the Premier League club FC Kairat Kazakhstan, because it does not shine in the Premier League. It was considered that Arshavin’s career is over and it has been difficult to restore sharpness as when at Arsenal or in the club Zenit St. Petersburg. In fact, one local journalist named Peter Volikova very dubious ability Arshavin in FC Kairat, and taunting was not good anymore as a soccer player. So, Volikova make bets with Arshavin, if Arshavin could have scored seven goals in a season with FC Kairat he willingly shaved hair.
However, bad luck for him. Arshavin is able to win the bet. He was able to make eight goals this season. Bet is a bet, the winner gets a “trophy”. Arshavin entitled to denude Volikova. Luckily, Volikova not pull him off and willing shaved.
Do not bet uncertain, Bet only in
Don’t be miss it.


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