12Play also scam website now like we88

before 2 weeks ago, kena new web we88 scam for 5k, I ask the 12play web is it same like we88 they said not, bcoz I play this web many years, so I still trust it but I beware just deposit few hundred, today I naik kereta again, deposit 200, placebet bayern munich win 192, on 5am submit withdraw 392, but after 1 hour still not saw money, and status still new request, livechat to ask, oh shit, they s...[Read More]

WE88 Scam Money althogh sola aoi as ambassador

This we88 new around 2 mths, saw it same web but different operation with winclub and got advertise at livescore, and got sola aoi as ambassador, got confidence test new web starting play 100, 200, to 1000 got winlose, and can withdraw, but today 5th sep 2022, got lose money to tennis Medvedev VS Kyrgios 2k, geram then deposit 3k to we88 and 1k to winclub to match Jabeur VS Kudermetova, and win, t...[Read More]

Not related to web, but SBOBet suck

SBO was suck I place 3 bets by 2 days the bet was accepted, but after result out it become voided, I report to web owner checking the reply from SBO was below :- “Auto Voided Group Bets Announcement]We have detected some group bet action and just void those bets, here are the information for you to reference: [自動取消群體投注注單公告]我司偵測到群體投注行為,已經為您取消這些注單,以下是取消注單資訊: ss044803809[MYR] – 5195974 &#...[Read More]

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