Beware with unrecognised sms. Its a scammer

Ths kaki kencing will sms promo to your contact phone.

Be careful and blocked now

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  1. there r many unrecognised number that send sms to us nowaday and tell about have what super bonus to claim, have been choosen as lucky player to get bonus,bla bla bla bla and many thing that they can say to get someone deposit..
    but did u think about even u can get super special lucky power bonus then did u know that person u deposit to???
    if u know the is ok la…but if u don know that person then no need i explain already la..
    just like in front of u floor there have $500 then u wan to pick it or not? surely 99% most of people answer is pick it n 1% people answer not to pick u pick it or not?

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