Boleh gaming is a scam casino

Yesterday I won RM 6000+ from Boleh Gaming and requested for withdrawal RM 2000+, and left balance RM 4000. I received RM 2000+ at my account but when i do my second withdrawal RM 4000 on next day they told me that I am being suspicious for separate my withdrawal into two times instead of 1 time. That the most ridiculous excuses i heard.

It is clear that they only willing to do withdrawal for small amount but not big amount. And this is the most absurd excuse i ever heard

Their website is


  1. Hello Mr/Mrs bbqueen.

    Firstly, you were in violation of terms where you were using someone else’s identity.
    We do not condone the use of someone else’s identity at all times.

    You could not give us a reason to why you wouldn’t want to use your own identity in casinos. There are a lot of people out there who use other people’s identity without the use of their own for fraudulent purposes.

    And besides that, we have identified that there was more than 1 person operating your account after carefully sifting through our chats.

    This decision has been made final.

  2. Hi everyone

    Bolehgaming does not let you guys know the whole picture of the story
    Here is the whole flow of the incident so that you guys can decide the case on your own if bolehgaming is genuine gaming operator
    1. By 1/23/17 I won RM 6000+, and requested withdrawal for RM 2000+ first and the withdrawal was approved and was processed in the account. A few minutes later, I requested the withdrawal RM 4000 and it was rejected for the reason “1 day can only withdrawal 1 time” It is totally understandable and I respect their rules
    2. By 1/24/17 I requested withdrawal RM 4000 and the withdrawal rejected again for the reason that my account is suspicious because I request the withdrawal for two times instead of 1 time. I contacted livechat they told me they will process my withdrawal by 12pm which never happen and give me another time 6pm which never happen too. By 6pm, someone from bolehgaming call and ask a lot of questions trying to find loopholes for me to avoid payment.

    My questions is
    1. Why separate the withdrawal into two times is considered suspicious? Is there any clause that stated that we have to withdrawal all amount and cannot keep any amount to play later? I am sure there isnt any clause on that
    2. Why process the first RM 2000+ payment if my account has issues? If the withdrawal is processed it is self justified that I been playing fairly and meet all the withdrawal criteria they should process my remaining winning. The main reason of rejecting the remaining RM 4000 payment is that boleh gaming can pay small amount but not big amount which in other word they cannot afford a big loss. And if it happened, they will try their level best to check this and check that to make sure you are not qualified for the winning

    You are smart player, you judge yourself

  3. Is it true boleh gaming is a scam? ? i always received an email from them. Email about their promotions.

  4. Of course they are scam. Have u ever heard that seperate your withdrawal two times is suspicious? They are the in.malaysia and.possibly.the world.that did that shit.

  5. wow luckily i dint play

  6. They always come with daily thousand of money to be won laa and lucky I am stop playing there, so ridiculous

  7. is it true?

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  9. Boleh Gaming CS approach me to join his company to claim the Welcome bonus so i try my luck. Deposit MYR200 and achieve the roll over and withdraw MYR600. When deposit, within 2 minutes can done but when i apply the withdrawal then first time rejected me even i hit the rollover requirements. Then, i try to contact the CS and 24 hours supports, they dare not pick up or answer my call. I captured all the proof and send to the CS who approach me and threaten them that i will spread everywhere. After that i apply the second withdrawal, it was approved. Only MYR600 like this so all bro & sis please aware this company. I still keep the proofs and until today the CS or BG staff never contact or message me even withdrawl done.

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