Check No deposit bonus at Mas8 online casino Malayia


Mas8 is trusted malaysia online casino and online betting. When you visit and register account in Mas8. You can receive more bonus and promotion. There are 2 type of bonus Mas8 offer for Player.
1. Bonus when you depoist
If you are new member , you can receive bonus welcome 100% for the first deposit. Top up bonus , refer friends bonus, birthday bonus……
2. Bonus no deposit required
No deposit casino bonus is type of bonus all player very like. No deposit bonus at Mas8 for New Member or Regular Member. You can get : Free cash , free credit , or free spin… Check no deposit bonus at Mas8 in HERE.

Now, Free 1usd free is type of no deposit bonus in Mas8. You need register  new account and chat with supporter to receive it…… REGISTRATION NOW

Good luck !


  1. bullshit !! checked with site and there’s no such thing as no deposit bonus.

    • Sorry Sr. Bonus 1usd free was finished at 12h.00pm 09/06. Nowsday. Mas8 offer bonus : Free 10RM play all game in Mas8 for new Register. Please comeback and check with supporter. Love !

  2. Stupid asking live chat for claim free bonus always answer u deposit 50 free 30

    • hahahhahaa.. nk kena huraikan panjang lebar dulu kot br faham yg org tanya bonus no deposit bkn 360% welcome/deposit bonus.. Sabar jela… mmg byk bonus dpt tp tgk la dia punya turnover & rollover yg diaorg nk, bkn main byk. kalu bwh 5 tu blh la nk heboh2..

  3. They won’t give the promo as offered in the link above which does happen to be also advertised on their website.
    Just kept replying “u deposit 50 free 30” and wouldn’t explain why the no deposit offer was advertised on their site.
    Can only come to the conclusion most likely a scam to get ppl to register?

  4. tipu punya…sudah masuk dan tanya live chat kata tak ada free bonus….biar hacker hantam website ni…

  5. raven,mohon utk tutupkan page ni dan blacklistkan website ni yg bohong..

    • ok, blacklisted

    • actally there said there is USD 1 no deposit bonus, there still have right?

      • This bonus closed at 10/06/2017. When i seeding, this bonus is continue. Mr Reven, i think that ,Casinopub should have ” delete post for member ” and mas8 should’nt in backlist at casinopub. Thanks !.

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