Claim Daily Free Credit

1. Click

2. Register with your phone number *make sure can whatsapp/sms

3. Wait for the code, then write on code registeration

4. Once done. You can click “claim” your free credit.

**You can change to credit SCR888 if your credit 1000 for RM10 and so on. But for now, the code for register and the claim site has traffic problem because of too many people register there so hope you guys cool and wait. I already claim the 1000 credit and already play so i guaranteed this is not cheat. Thanks


  1. i know not cheating but everyday when wan to claim for daily free credit then this msg will show me >>>>Error 503 due to high volume of traffic

  2. Kenapa free point sy x bertambah ye? Sedang mnurut info 500 free kredit everyday login tp kenapa my next redeem date 06/11/17 00 redeem time 00.15.00 untill today. Pls help me

    • You must click the CLAIM button

  3. The best

  4. Free credit

    • Register using link given in the post ☝

  5. No have code

  6. How to get free credit??

  7. Kenapa tak boleh claim

    • Sbb terlalu ramai yg claim. Klau cara sya, sya akan try claim wktu subuh, awal pagi atau pun waktu2 org bersekolah dan bekerja. Confirm dpt pnya. Cuma kna balik2 tekan la. Fham lah klau terlalu ramai msti akan sesak. Mcm traffic jammed ??

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