Dfwin88.net Scam

I have make withdrawal but then he blocked me without reason 



  1. stfu

  2. you this lier

  3. you hacked the system to winn money then say the website is scamming you?speechless

    • Hey are you DFwin88 agent bitch,.. ?
      There is no hack casino online so far .. so far it just have speedhack that can speed a game 20x fast

      Are you retard ?

  4. hmm… hacker found here… no proof of your winning …. 暂时指控无效

  5. Dear raven do you think 1sgames a.k.a live22 can be hack ?
    They are server sided and cant hacked it…

    Omg why you think there has a hack on online casino?

    • Casinopub Point of View
      1. if online casino can be hacked, then online casino industry wont last until now
      2. if the software provider is new, maybe can be hacked.
      3. if the system is hacked because of the software provider, then online casino operator have to take responsibile because Online casino operator take software provider’s products.
      4. so if the software provider admit is their fault, then software provider have to pay online casino operator, then online casino operator have to pay to player.

      any other suggestion of feedback of this logic?

      • It hard to hscked a server sided game

        Haha raven can you just ban dfwin88.net ?

        Later i will post a screenshot at private measage

  6. Scam website i make a withdraw of 1k n they kick me out of member without valid reason and disband me chatting with their administration. For those who read Pls avoid joining them.

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