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First, Please Register if you not yet a member. 首先,先注册如果你还不是会员。。。

What You can Do in Casino Pub ?在 Casino Pub 您能得到什么?

Not only you can get casino related Tips & News, you also can get free gift from us. Click the following categories for detail. 您不止能在Casino Pub 获得博彩讯息及攻略,您也可以在这里的都很多利益,请点击一下目录了解更多

Collect Points

For your info, First comment have to be approved by our admin, after approval, your second comment onward will be approved automatically. You can write anything you want but please do not spamming. Thanks

Daily Visit 3 points
Reply = 3 points
Deleted Reply (-3) points
New Forum Topic 10 Points
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Forum Spamming (-10) points
Viewing Any Page 1 Points
Submit Blacklist 100 Points
Create a News 500 Points
Facebook Share 350 Points
Play Scratch Card 2 -2000 Points

End Collect Point Section

Free Credits

Now you have points in your account, you can use those points to redeem anything that offer by Casino Pub. One of the Popular product is Betting Credit. Click check out and choose pay by your points and wait for 24 hours for delivered. 现在你已经有很多积分在你的户口了,这些积分你都可以更换任何Casino Pub 的产品。我们最受欢迎的事博彩筹码。只要选择用积分 (Points)付款,24小时之后,您指定的博彩网站就有了存款。

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End Free Credits Section

Cash Play

If you cannot wait to play online casino, you can deposit to the following recommended online casino. The best and Trusted Online Casino all the time. 如果您等不及想马上开始你的游戏,您可以选择存款到以下信誉好的博彩网。存款后10分钟就可开始游戏。

End Cash Play Section


Join a Point2win Campaign as low as 100Pv to win RM1000. Point2win is the way to prove the Power of Your Pv. 只要100Pv 就可以赢大奖 RM 1000, 是时候展现您积分的用处。

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Step 1, Buy as many lucky number as you can. 步骤一,买越多幸运号码越好。

Step 2,After number have sold out, Casino Pub will annouce lucky draw date of Magnum 4d Malaysia to choose 3 Lucky number. 步骤二,幸运号码被卖完了之后,Casino Pub 就会一马来西亚 Magnum 4d 成绩挑选三位幸运者。

Step 3, The 3 Lucky Winner will choose of the strategy of betting. 步骤三,幸运者将挑选下注策略。

Step 4, Casino Pub will follow the strategy to play in live. 步骤四,Casino Pub 将会根据幸运者们所选的策略直播下注。

Step 5, If lose, the campaign end here. If win, 3 Lucky Member have to decide to continue, break the winner or choose the final winner by lucky draw . 步骤五,如果输了,者游戏就到此结束。如果赢了,三位幸运者投票继续拼搏,平分或再抽奖以选出最终一位赢家。

End Point2win Section

Silver Coin

Casino Pub Silver Coin is used to Play High Possibility & High Return Scratch cards. You can earn Silver Coin by Depositing to our Sponsored Online Casino. Accomplish a mission or answer a question from admin is an alternative way to earn Silver Coin as well. Casino Pub 银币是用来参与高机率,高回报的刮刮乐。您可以存款来获得银币,或者完成任务及回答管理员的问题来得到银币。

The fastest way to earn silver Coin is to Deposit. 最快赚取银币的途径是存款。

Answer Admin’s question or Share good news in Forum 回答版主问题或文字分享好讯息.

Report bug or typo error in Casinopub Website 纠正网页的文字或系统错误

End Silver Coin Section

Rank 等级

The Higher Rank you have, the most benefit you have. Level Up your Rank now by earning Silver Coins. 越高等级,越多待遇。马上累积银币升级你的等级!

Members are ranked according to the total amount of silver Coins they have accumulated.


Level 1
Below 10
Silver Coin

1 Freebets Max Claim

Allowed Point2win

Level 2
10 or Above
Silver Coin

3 Freebets Max Claim

Allowed Point2win

Season Lucky Draw

Level 3
50 or Above
Silver Coin

10 Freebets Max Claim

Allowed Point2win

Season Lucky Draw

Gold Coins

Level 4
200 Above
Silver Coin

20 Freebets Max Claim

Allowed Point2win

Season Lucky Draw

Gold Coins

End Rank Section

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