hbet63 scam not pay SGD 30,000

hbet63 scam not pay SGD 30,000

when i win . they block u . cheat company


  1. ???

  2. when start gamble , i keep loss . but finnally i bet with big amount and win 30000 sgd .and i made a withdraw . they quickly block my acc and live chat .

    • 你那里人?玩这公司多久了?新币吗?

    • To all brothers ,beware of this website HBET63,once you win money they will not cash out to you.if you bet soccer,card game or slot game and 4D,better dont play with ths website,IF YOU STILL GOT MONEY INSIDE PLEASE QUICKLY WITHDRAW AND CASH OUT. I HAVE ALL THE CONVERSATION SNAP SHOT.

      • Hi zhou, I have no problem with this company, they payout on time on my account even continuously near 20k daily for near to a week. I’m so confident with them and intro my friend to this web. That was then things start to happen.. He won 14k, company close his account n no news till now. Anyone can suggest what’s the reasons? Thanks

    • I maybe can help you

      • Hi, can help me contact hbet63. My withdrawal 4 days pending always ask me wait

        • sorry, they are not our sponsor, please play at ours sponsor site… thanks

    • What is your account name ?

    • Contact me if you want to get back I can try it for you cause my Friend is their agent

  3. 马囯人,要一年了,sgd

  4. 可report 警察吗?

    • 报案没什么作用的,网上赌场又是非法的,还以为您是新国人,玩那么大就奇怪怎么不去赌场要赌网上的,唉

    • 网赌只可小小就好,三五千或一万myr以下还行,但也要看看什么公司,找一些论坛广告公司玩就较保险点咯

  5. Please play at the online casino which have advertise in any forum, if they even do not have a small amount of money to advertising, so it will have some possiblity of scam company.


  6. any comment good web . genting malaysia has online site ? i like play with sgd cause i work there . thank

    • 在这儿有广告的游戏公司,或谷歌search一下马来西亚博彩论坛,里内有打广告的都不错,只是要玩新币的就有点难找了。。

    • 这边的w88,w138,k138,88gasia和dafabet都是可以的

  7. 谢谢。?

    • 祝您好运连连!!

    • 还有,如您是玩现场的,而且下注又大,就找间每星期都有返水0.8%的,那高出您之前玩的0.6%也蛮多了的,这儿广告公司高好像有,您慢慢研究研究???

  8. 谢谢。??

  9. PLS provide more details what they scam u and the chat history!
    Sometimes people just out to tarnish other reputation.
    With Hbet63 for about a year or so nothing happen payout is alway s on time.
    Please provide more proof of scam and admin please verify if it a valid scam or just some user trying to tarnish others reputation

  10. happy man . are u link with hbet63 ? pls tell me how to contact u . thank a lot .

  11. happyman . cheat mean cheat unless u can help me ask hbet63 dont block my ac and live chat with me . my ac still got 30000 sgd

  12. Hi ch have u taken back your money….im facing the same problem….win 15k they block me

  13. im facing the same problem as u….cant take back the money


  15. no . till now i havent get back my money.so disappointed. my main wallet still got 12000 sgd . casino got 30000 .that why i so angry .

  16. hdfbet also same . dont try .i get cheated .

  17. they are link.

  18. they thought gamble easy to win . ?

    • Hi ch maybe i can help..i got a fren who is malaysia he is helping me u cAn contact me at 96xxxx96

  19. Lets kill all these cheaters

  20. thank . i will call u in this few day

  21. Try to contact me today before my malaysia fren depart…he is a IT he can do something…dun let these ppl cheat our money

    • i used to play your evo gaming on dfwin88.com and yesterday deposited few time then the last deposit was SGD1500 and after winning back SGD1700 total credit about SGD3200. I requested for withdrawal but my ID was ban without any reasons given…. Who can help me??….


  22. ttps://hdfbet.com oso same company
    report polis no use I win 20000 before kena blok oso

  23. But, he returned to my principal I don’t know why 5000sgd

  24. me . didt get any cent .

  25. hbet63 is scam. Many in http://www.asianbookieforum.com talking about them now.

  26. asianbookie blocked me for telling everyone about HBET63

  27. Knnbpcb this Hbet63 5k don pay me block me. Block my IP

  28. Hbet63!!! Can you sent representatives out to clarify? I’m your loyal supporter and customer! I have all evidence snapshot bank statements to back u!! Pls don’t let me lose the trust u build over the years!!! Kh3118

    • Bro your bank statement all is what amount cashout de?

  29. As of today 2019 jan 8th today, for the past following weeks and months everything was perfectly fine and smooth until today, i made a huge winning compared to all my previous withdrawal, made a 9000sgd 1 shot withdrawal and was holded for 7hour so i asked what is the issue, they say that finacial department is under checking because i have betting problem, exactly what is betting problem? The company is yours and you set your betting etc so how could we fraud your casino, nvm say that money transcation to processing is under a supplier company and they end work at 9 so they couldnt check for your problems to proceed or give an answer. Isnt this kind of thing service fof 24hr?. Btw my withdrawal is still under pending and have to check with them the next following day. Really been supporting your club ever since i joined be it lose or win, dont make us lose trust in you hbet63 2019.

  30. Firstly the previous amount still under checking and it has passed 1 week problem not solved so i assume i will not recieve it anymore. Please dont trust hbet63 offically. Second time tried new small amount deposit and withdrawal on hold after winning a small sum, they give excuses like supplier department are still under checking and their staff have slept already. Its say average withdrawl time 9min and isnt cashout 24hour service????? All singaporean fellow please becareful mark my word.

  31. My withdrawal request also pending 1 week ago, cs always supplier department are still under check my account, very sad for this hbet63

  32. I got cheated by them also, deposit 1k, win 10k. Same, say finance dept got issue, ask me wait next day for withdrawal. After that ban me. Deleted my acc. Just I speak to them again. Ask me provide my particular. Say my acc is still active. Ask me reset my pass. Say my detail provide no accurate. Cannot reset. Lol. They are a fking scammer.

  33. 我也是羸了幾千元不給那我有很多证明

  34. Recently, I have received a lot of news, and many peers have been innocently accused. In this industry, the competitive market is very big, so many anonymous people want to confuse and take the opportunity to attack the credibility of their peers. As far as I know, Hbet63’s large amount can be withdrawn as my friends had join 2years above, every week withdraw above 50k. Is there any misunderstanding or incorrect behavior?

  35. I played in few companies. Hbet63 last week I withdraw nearly 70k and I paid very quickly. I have confidence in this company because I have been playing for a long time and there is no problem for me.

  36. You can help me?

    • 我一個月都不能提款why?

  37. 我一個月都不能提款why?

  38. 這個公司是欺騙客人

  39. But so far I have been gambling in this company for so long, payment fast, no problem.

    • I play this company two years why now 10000 can’t let me withdrawal?

      • Who can help me

        • 他們己經出錢給我

          • You mean they paid you after 1 month?

  40. Has been playing with them about 2 years already and was ok.

    I made a withdrawal of $4,000 about 2 weeks ago and till date still tell me the related still checking and cannot pay me yet.

    I just joined the pool of people being scammed by Hbet63. I hope I had search for reviews/comments about them earlier.

    Lesson learnt. Please do not sign up with them or if you have any balance in your hbet63 account now, try withdraw them if you can and switch to another provider.

  41. Anyone else having the same issues with me? Like their withdrawal still on-hold and under checking by their “related” department as mentioned by their “normal” customer service?

    • Me too

      • How long they hold your withdrawal and how much is the amount?

      • How? Did you managed to get back your withdrawals?

  42. OX88 sponsor here also the same la ,
    win liao money banned account , just win RM3k not even SGD 1k pui .,,,palia ox88 , K138 all the same palia

      • k138 you have never made any deposit.
      • ox88 have already done your withdrawal request which they give us their proof of backend screenshot which their configuration and transaction cannot be modify which the system provide by famous casino provider
      • so are you really insist that ox88 ban your 3k winning? if yes, we will going to have a deep investigation and bring this case up to serious investigation
      • We will ask them to give us your real name, if they do, then we will continue deep investigation and to publish your name here if all the proof they given are prove that they do not scam. please lets us what you think
      • we do not allow any player here to accuse any operator without proof


    • if you are keen to proceed let us know, and let us know your last 4 digi of bank account number and, when did you request for the RM 3000 withdrawal?

  43. So far I play Hbet63 more than 7 years already , everytime deposit and withdraw did not met any problem before, sometimes might be delay abit, but never don’t made payment for winner.

    • I think I trust Hbet63 as long as I already play with them so many years, my withdrawal kinda huge amount also sometimes, win 10k – 50k , they also got paid me , never don’t paid the winning to cus.

      • It’s been more than 1 month but they still saying it’s under checking. Seriously, don’t know what they are checking for? Need to take more than 1 month? I think I have been scammed like the rest. Perhaps you should also consider withdrawal whatever you have in your account and look for other provider.

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