How to collect more points at casinopub??

As I notice many players that really redeem or collect points really slow.
And come players they can collect few hundred points per day. Even the silver and goldcoins seems easy for them!!

For me I think a month also difficult to get 300 points.

So how long only can redeem free credits? Average 3months once?


Anyone got idea or way ??

Can share?



  1. i already register now play and deposit quite a lot in dafabet , w138 also k138.. how to claim my free credit here please??

    • you need to earn point here… or earn silver coin if you deposit to those casino

  2. 8888 point – each the scratch card have the different posibility of winning rate, so it is like gambling.
    500 – 1000 points – Facebook share just once monthly, but you facebook have to be real and real real real account
    500points – play online casino game screen shoot pretty dealer.. 500 point each
    300 points – find any casino related article to post get 300 points
    300 – 1000 point – swrite any review of playing casino at k138, w138, w88

  3. 1)screen shot yr deposit info
    2)goto casinopub menu
    3)click Free Credits
    4)click Silver Coin-(Level Up Rank)
    5)click Deposit To Claim Your Silver Coin Here
    than you can see the online form, fill in the form follow instruction, attach the screen shot photo, and send.

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