How to win in Casino

1.      Spot The Clumsy Dealers

There are very few professional blackjack card counters in the world. And each has a 1.5% edge and that is not worth the energy. However, watch all the dealers keenly and especially the sloppy blackjack dealer who will accidentally flash their down card. It’s totally legal and it can give you an edge over the house, but do not flaunt, otherwise you will be thrown out.

2.     Avoid Distractions

It is hard to not notice the scantily-clad dealers and resident pole dancers on the gaming tables. These tables have the worst odds. They brings you a Vegas in Vegas experience little knowing that it is an eye-catching strategy, alluring enough to keep you glued behind the casino tables and distractive enough to make you fail to notice the Trimmed Payouts Hence Increasing The House’s Edge.

3.     When You Are Up, Take A Break

Despite having a chance of winning three consecutive spins, just know the house has a 5% edge on roulette. Do not let the wins trick you to believing that you will play roulette forever because you will be in for a rude shock when the house takes away all your chips. For your information, each and every casino has plan in place that ensures them guaranteed victory. Do not be blinded by the pleasantries the casino offers you. Resist spinning again when you are up before loses befall on you.

4.     Exploit Casino Flaws

Like any other mechanical instrument, the roulette wheel is subjected to wear and tear over time, and the frets separating the numbers are no exception. The wheel becomes unbalanced and favors certain numbers. Be very keen and pick up on emerging patterns then bet on those numbers.

5.     Bet Big On Slot Games

Slot machines are not only money-wasters but are costly too to the players than the table games. So avoid them, but if you still want to play, play max bet on slots that costs $5 and above because the penny slot tend to swing in the favor of the house.

6.     Pass Keno Up

Heads up don’t bother to learn Keno. There is a 1 in 3.5 quintillion chance for a gambler to match all 20 numbers on a 20-spot Keno card. It has never happened so far. This is not written down for you in the casino but the house has a 35% edge. So just look away because your chances are simply terrible.

7.     Work On Your Video Poker Skills

This might come as a surprise to you, the house only has a tiny advantage in video poker as the version tends to favor the gambler but casinos still make lots of profits from the game as many players don’t play right. With video poker, the pay tables are posted on the table and it has a high payoff. The only thing you are required to do is play like a pro. Therefore, study up if you want to play at an expert level.

8.    Avoid Big, Bright And Flashy Games

Most of the people streaming in the casinos can’t tell the odds presented to them. Sophisticated gamers know what they want and can easily identify the best from the worst odds. However, the fresh players are easily fooled by the casino strategy of making the games with the worst odds most appealing using bright colors and flashy lights. So you better keep yourself comfortable on the drab side of the room if you want to better your odds.

9.     Get A Timepiece

It is impossible to find a window or clock in a house floor or a dealer wearing a watch. This is because the last thing a casino wants is for you to be time conscious. This is to prevent you from realizing the hours are ticking away and keep you playing for longer. Therefore, go shopping for a timepiece so you can track your gaming time.

10.Buy Your Own Beverage

Don’t be fooled, nothing is free including the free drinks offered at the casino, they are courtesy of the player reinvestment fund. The fund is merely combs in form of free drinks, a cut of the returns of the money you are likely to lose. The higher your odds, the more the chances of enjoying watery well drinks. So just use your cash to buy your drink at the bar.


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