I want to make a report www.Emperorwin.com

Date: 7 April 2017

I want to make a report  www.Emperorwin.com
] is a SCAM ! I deposit RM123 to CIMB, A/C: 70643-11939. Name: TERN ZHI QIAN.

I deposit RM123 and take Welcome Bonus 100% and total my ac is RM246 to begin 855 casino live game.

www.855casino.org  /  Username: A212776605   &  Password: 666888

On that day I was playing this game and before sleep ask turnover reach is 3389 and I need to reach 4920 for my submit claim. The next day I continue play game and when I second time check my turnover is 8 April is reaching my turnover for withdrawal.

Whatsapp EmperorWin told me I have to wait for Boss authorization, might wait awhile. Will tell me when transaction done. I was surprise to wait for boss authorization only 1000? So I ask how much is fast and reply say below 400 will complete within 1-2mins.  So I just withdrawal RM400 first see if can withdrawal then I will happy to continue betting. For the first time withdrawal RM400 is FAST as within 1-2minutes. So I am not that worry and thinking this company can be trusted.

So at night my account balance still have RM600 so I am continue play live game 855casino. I won until my account balance is RM1880.40 then I have WhatsApp this EmperorWin Company and this company has blocked my WhatsApp! I WeChat and beginning is reply but when I say my game id then it goes to BLOCK as well. Emperorwin website also can’t login and say my id invalid! so today i jsut log in to my game ID and it show my account balance left RM0.40 and my credit inside game is gone and call to EmperorWin is REJECTED my call, sms, whatsapp,wechat !

I have provide you my evidence to you so please published to the public and not let other victim go for this company !!!!

If you need any other information and i will happy to show it to your as a Evidence and Proof.



P/S: if you need any other information please email to me and i will reply to you as soon as possible.



  1. you show play at recommended website at casinopub

    • who is the guy make the post? how to get connect to him

  2. are you from the casino?

  3. tern zhi qian is scam.. saya baru kena tipu dgn dia.. hendak cuci rm1200.. dan credit dlm scr rm1100 burn.. now account kena lock.. bullshit emperorwin.. tern zhi qian shitttttt

  4. Betol2 scammer ini casino…. sudah menang, x mahu bayar .. ws block / call never pick up .. fuck casino .. fuck thern zhi qian

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