– Trusted Malaysia Casino one of the trusted online casino available for the past 2 years. Have been playing on this website for a years and a half, still haven’t disappointed with their service. Always get your winnings no matter how much you withdraw.


  1. Well trusted site normally comes with bonus program that sucks. For this site, the 100% welcome bonus needs 40x turnover for live casino, one of the highest I came across. Play until cows come home also cannot reach target.

  2. If bet on sports its only 20x turnover and they have great promotions for sports betting and slots. Well, I have come across some other casino that will give excuses like abnormal betting pattern or need to hold your winnings because suspected this and that and some even just close website because you win like just 10k from them. I had no problem cashing out from this website and that’s what I like on this website.

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