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Is very convenient nowadays if you wanna play some casino games because there are a lot of online casino companies available in Malaysia.

But, the biggest threats that affecting all the Online Casino Companies in Malaysia is that there are some agent/companies which not really wanna do the business long term, they just trying to grab a sum of money in a short period of time by cheating customer money/ or we so call “kencing”.

This cause most of the customers lost their confidence towards playing casino game by online. Its affecting most of the online casino companies, including Prime178, which wanna do the business long term.

We can assure that if you playing with our company, the worry above wouldn’t exists. You can have your peace of mind by playing with us.

Join us today now by getting your Welcome Bonus, and also daily unlimited Deposit Bonus.

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  1. Kencing company

    • Hi Boss, Have you registered and play with our Company before? Please Don’t Simply Said we are Kencing Company. 🙂

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