MBA66 scam web + no trustable!

my friend win about 13k… and it block my friend account for investigate…said it casino company suspect for cheat…after 1 month investigate it take the reason of multiple account due to same email with other account id, so it refuse to withdraw and block the account under ridiculous reason of cheat rebate! for the first my friend id is register with hotmail , but livechat ask for using gmail so he borrow his upline agent mail to send a email to HQ! after no proof of cheating, it take another reason to block!

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  1. Usually when you win big (more than RM 1k), the casino operator will try to find many reason (s) not to pay your winning. They can easily detect if you have more than 1 account especially if you are accessing them from same ip address or same wifi or same device. Next time becareful bro.

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