Goldbet888 really No standard

Scam website

1st: goldbet888 customers service told me willl give me answers by the upline
Decide will pay my deposit back end up play me don’t reply the livechat and block me.

2nd: 12pm they told me post at forum say sorry I have done the post
End up they play me really No standard ?

3rd: all goldbet888 players you guy can choose to believe goldbet888 soon
You guy will see the true colour they will find way scam you guy.

Beware guy I got prove to show you guy how goldbet888 customers service reply me
And now how they play me it you guy really choose to believe this website I have nothing say
But I will post at all forum beware other players get scam by than?



    1st:All members of this website [url][/url] I have report the website and deposit bank
    It you guy want to deposit to goldbet888 take care police will find you guy soon.

    2nd:Why I report goldbet888 scam my deposit hope you guy understand my hard earn money
    Will continue report the bank.

    3rd:Here the report to show all goldbet888 members [url][/url]

    My forum username: goldscambet get block by forum.

    Beware goldbet888 scam website?

  2. Dear Customers,in response to this post we would like to clarify that the thread starter is being banned for violations of multiple account holding with us,flaming us for being a scam is the best thing he could do. All our terms and conditions are very clear,if you choose to try your luck by placing your deposit with us and violate our terms it’s fair that it’s forfeited.We believe that we’re not the only company that find you/group with multiple account cheating on bonus.

    As for your info SBF, fastgoal and 888f also banned this guy.


  3. Goldbet888 don’t find story at this forum Lol you really no ps.?

    1st:it you never scam my deposit I eat so full post so many forum?
    Think about it all members.

    2nd:beware this company when you win they will find story say you violate the company t/c all
    Is the story to scam your deposit and winning.

    3rd:My winning I can don’t want seen they can’t pay why don’t pay back my deposit go think all members?

    Beware goldbet888 scam website ?

  4. As a player, Goldbet has the right to verify any application coming through prior to enable an account to be activated and even any deposit is to be accepted. Acceptance of deposit and decline of bonus application is the best practice. Unless it is stated in the terms that violation to the casino terms and conditions where duplication of account is not permitted, deposit and winnings will be forfeited. If player insisted to proceed to set up another account, then player is prepared to take the risk with or without the casino to advise on livechat. It is a lesson to all players also, casino is making a living by running the business, therefore, players should play their part to take note on the terms and conditions being set. As a remedy to this case, I would suggest Goldbet to present proofs of the account duplications as this has been denied by the player, in future it would help other players and also other casinos to take note on who is actually the scam.

    I went through comments and reports for blacklisted casinos but some reports were players own ignorance for not qualifying the terms and its rediculous to Comprehend when player request for casino to consider the money they earned vs the winning players get for the one simple mistake of creating another account…

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