online casino not paying player

Casino Website URL
Your Username in The website hjmmm5888731
Your Email
Type of Blacklist Not paying player
Amount RM927
Your Comment beware, scammer site, did not honour my winning, send sms to withdraw RM530 only, wait for 2 days didnt receive.
i live chat , they close my conversation, sms no reply me, call no answer me.
Now they already locked my acc, cannot log in anymore


  1. just got scammed also block every single thing.. won SGD 1182.. i have photos of ss for evidence if need pls drop me an email.. i lost twice.. end up win also nv get.. they are scammers beware

    • please provide more info and send it through our contact us page, upload zip file is avaialble. Thanks

    • What can we do ?

      • first, you have to spend a lot money to hire hacker to search who is behide this online casino, then you go to his house to beg them to pay you… haha

  2. easy to track …

    rm300 i will give you all u need to be at fraudsters doorstep

  3. Rm927

  4. oh no

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