Playsafe Protected

Casinopub introduce “Playsafe” program to protect Player from being scammed by online casino. This Playsafe are welcome any online casino to join. All our sponsors get this entry automatically.

Member has own at least 1 silver to be covered by Playsafe program.

How it works

1. Player Please Register On Casinopub.

2. You must use the same email to register at their online casino website. You also must be registered BEFORE the dispute happen, if you register as member in Casino-pub AFTER the incident happens, Casino-pub are not responsible for any of the dispute.

Member has own at least 1 silver to be covered by Playsafe program. Silvers are earned from making deposit on our sponsors and only stored in Pub100.

3. Player will not get any claim from casinopub  if any of the current sponsor is expired and taken down from our site.

4. Below are the chart of maximum claim from each Online Casino Operator respectively. The claim calculation is your (1)Last Deposit amount before withdrawal rejected, or (2)if you have a big win, your total deposit amount duration between last deposit and last deposit’s 3 months ago .

5. Only deposit amount are able to be claimed.

6. The following are the max amount you can claim from each operator. More higher the amount, more deposit amount protected.

OX88 RM5,000
Onyx2play RM5,000
W138 RM5,000
W88 RM5,000
K138 RM5,000
CM2bet RM5,000
UEA8 RM1,500
T9Play RM1,000
T7Bet RM1,000
Pay168bet RM1,000
88Probet RM1,000
126Asia RM1,000
ivip9 RM500
Asiawin RM500
HL8 RM500
BK8 RM500
CMD368 RM500
Spade11 RM500
Acewinning RM500
1Xbet RM500
Dafabet RM500
High5 RM500
Gwin9 RM500
AW8 RM500
Play88 RM500

Last Update: 17th May 2022


  1. hi admin, can u explain more about this,

  2. Very interesting. Look complicated but this is the best idea + amazing idea actually. Im sure, if there has someone wanna claim here, s/he gonna through a complicated process. Hopefully this PlaySafe gonna be the hard things to be claim ever. The sponsors company are very trusted agent and good services. If u claim here, make sure u have been rejected without u make anything wrong 1st. Or else, your request to claim here will be zero.

    • easy to claim, if you win but our sponsors do not pay you, then just give me your prove that you have deposit to those sponsor company, casinopub will use our own fund to pay you back with no question ask(only your deposit amount).

  3. Good information

  4. How can i get free rm10 and play game

    • RM 10 is not provided by casinopub, please contact who post the ads, thanks

  5. Games good

    • 10good

      • I think nothing to complain..cause so many website i go just casino pub have follow up everything and everday.

  6. So if i never make a deposit i will never get to claim free credit at the sponsor website by point transfered in casino pub?

    • you can get credit, only one time without deposit… for second time above, you have to make deposit.. please check the level up at silver point page

    • 1bet2u, this company can try or not????

      • Any casino will have risk to play in, play at your own risk. 1bet2u is not covered by our playsafe program.

        • If the the casino under the playsafe program, got problem,sure can claim back the money?

          • Hi, we’ll first investigate with the said casino to see what is the problem/issue and proceed on it.

  7. Like..

  8. Excellent programme, I think what this means, the programme facilitates a layer of protection to Online Casino who happened to face Big Winnings where payments can be a challenge. Just like what, #Vstarclub and #EG96 did. They do not have money to pay.. even for as small as RM600. So This programme will help to them financially. Whilst having this sort of protection, players can feel more secure. But those sponsors are big names and let’s say even if they are small, they run their business with good etiquette.. unlike #polly2win #Eg96 and #Vstarclub..

  9. what means ya sir i not so understand o sir

    • if those casino do not pay you when you win, casinopub will pay you, so you have insurance if you play at our sponsors site.

  10. Great job casinopub

  11. 好帮手

  12. Lucky

  13. How to claim d free cdt rm10 no deposit?

  14. Claim free rm 10 register at play safe

  15. w88 cheating right now. deposit 200 get 200 rollover 6000 but max per game you can bet is rm5. so stupid.

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