I have been playing this dog company for a long time, but I have been losing since I lost it. I have been playing again in recent days or lost until today. I won him 3000. She said that my betting behaviour was violated thier agent regulations. You All can See My Photo That i Putting .And I asked him about my turnover and she say my turnover no reach the target few hours ago i ask him 1more time and she say my account is close by game provider …Here still have a ridiculous thing. He said that my turnover has only reached 2000. But I have already made more than 3,000 withdrawals. I have won more than him. How could my turnover not arrive yet? I deposit 400 . I don’t understand they have problems in their brains or what may be….stupid company & stupid customor service….




  1. At the end can withdraw the money?

  2. i think no if not the owner will not post at here..

  3. beware K9win too..

    • Dont simply play others unknown websites just play those trusted and recomended company i have been cheat few time cannot withdraw by others websites

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