scam casino . not dare to answer. HBET63


  1. have u collected ur winnings up to date

    i also win 15k but they block me

  2. no. ?

  3. I was also cheated of 9.5k

  4. I was also cheated of 9.5k from hbet63. Anyway to get back the money?

  5. no way .. ?

  6. Email me

    I can help i won 15k they close my acc so far i manage to take back 4k only with my friend assistance better then nothing

  7. I’m here to clarify that I have also been ran 12k of my Winnings from HBET63. I can’t justify it now because they locked me out of my own account that I have been using for 6 long months. I’ve been punting with them and deposit and withdrawing every single day for the past 2 Months since Novemeber withdrawing amount up to 10k in 1 sitting before but I guess that was their last straw as they changed my password to my account together with blocking my Livechat when I try to confront them. Let my experience be a warning to all because I was just like you thinking they are legit and stable. But end of the day, I shoud’ve listened to the advice from the comments and stopped with them. I let my greed and comfort get the better of me, I only have myself to blame. HBET63 & HDFBET are affiliate to one another. This is just a fair warning to all, I wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to expose them otherwise. I’m doing whatever I can now so that Players wont fall into my shoes. Please cash out now while you can. Merry Christmas to all and have Happy 2018 ahead.

    Warmest Regards
    24/12/2017, 11;40PM

  8. I’ve been a User with H.B.E.T.6.3 (Affiliate of H.D.F.B.E.T) for 6 Month since early June and I am here to Warn Everyone that I have been ran 12k Winnings from H.B.E.T.6.3. I don’t have to convince you and I know my name might not be as reputable as them but please take my word for it. I have been locked out of my own account and they will consistently close the LiveChat on me when I try to confront them.

    Since Novemeber 2017, I have been depositing and Withdrawing 5k on a daily basis and I can say the service was pretty decent without any ridiculous delays, but once you take their Bonus “Christmas Promotion” and win obscene amount of Money above 7k, that is when they will just cut you offer Entirely. I have fulfilled all the Turnover Requirements, I never abused their bonus and I sincerely did everything honestly ever since my patronage with them. It has never posed as a problem until today.

    You can take their $28 free credit now but I’m telling you now that you’re in for a bad time. Sure they will withdraw and treat you nicely every now and then, pretending that everything is nice and people reporting them are the crazy ones, but it is when you are on a Winning Streak or have Won too much that you will face definitely all the problems I’ve mentioned above.

    Let my experience be a Warning to all because I was just like you, I bought their gimmick and I stayed and I became too comfortable for my own good. I should’ve listened to my gut feeling and the comments made screaming to me that they were scams but I let my greed and comfort get the better of me. So many voices have been stifled by this agent alone. So many lives destroyed. I have already given up all hope of every gettng back my money, but I understand that I only have myself to Blame.

    Please take note that H.B.E.T.6.3 & H.D.F.B.E.T are affiliates. If you are not convinced, I just want to say that I wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to expose them otherwise. I’m doing whatever I can now so that Players Won’t Fall into my circumstance. There has been many players being cheated out of their Winnings already and I’m not just that one special guy. Don’t let their sweet talk sway you because you’re next on your hit list. 1 Month, 2 Month, 6 Months sure, you might be having a positive experience now, but length of patronage is no exception to the scam, you’re going to fall and you’re going to fall hard when it hits you. Please cash out now while you can. Forget the bonuses, forget the promotions, its not worth it.

    Again I want to re-emphasis that I know my reputation is nothing as compared to them but please take my word for it as I see their Advertisement littered everywhere. Please Heed my Warning. Please.

    This is my last message to all, If you see this, please seriously seriously internalize and consider what I’ve said. I am not here to misinform anyone, I no competitor of theirs. Just a Victim Cheated out of my Winnings like the rest who hasn’t brought light to the scam that is H.B.E.T.6.3.

    Warmest Regards
    24 Decemeber 2017, 11:40PM.

  9. To all brothers ,beware of this website HBET63,once you win money they will not cash out to you.if you bet soccer,card game or slot game and 4D,better dont play with ths website,IF YOU STILL GOT MONEY INSIDE PLEASE QUICKLY WITHDRAW AND CASH OUT. I HAVE ALL THE CONVERSATION SNAP SHOT.

  10. Fucking scammer HBET63… Block me in Wechat, Whatapps…. Block my account, after i got winning 8k. Tell me 1 day only pay 1 time… ok fine. i wait till 12.01am withdrawal. tell me VIP customer will draw out first and tell me tomorrow morning will pay.. 10.30am block my acc.. Beware for playing this scamming platform

    • Hbet63 casino can’t withdrawal who can help me

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