Scam casino shit

  1. This hbet63 is a scam ! Please be aware tat i just won $1700 only and they close my account and delete my withdrawal records . the best part is they close live chat so i cannot even say anything ! Have been deposited few hundreds . yes they did withdraw of twice to me.  Amount is 300 and the other 200 . any amount bigger then tat they wont pay you guys . so beware of this hbet63 . if u choose not to believe me im fine . take care guys . HBET63 cheat ppl money !!


  1. this shit company from china not first time

    • No bro . from Malaysia fake saying from China

  2. Yup somebody won 30k cant withdrawal.

  3. beware guys..

  4. Hi

    Just a cautious & make awareness to whom wana bet with hbet63
    I try to withdraw my own 4028, as previously i deposited 3800 (so wining 228)
    they did not lock my account @ first
    but they will tell you they try to get a bank code from the bank
    the bank did not reply to them
    they will drag n promise you that you just got to wait
    they will definitely pay you and inform you in whats apps
    the last time i try this evening asking their agent again
    The agent straight away take away the LIVE CHAT , account locked
    EVEN you try to take forget password. it will prompt you EMAIL & HANDPHONE dont exist

    SO DO NOT dump your $ to bet with HBET63

  5. Sad to say yesterday I deposited $
    Initially losing so I dump in more money to recoup
    so I deposited 3800, win 228 , I wana withdraw
    total amount 4028
    AT first they say Bank Code got problem, cannot do withdrawal for me
    Live chat Agents keep saying will do the withdrawal n they are trying n trying
    After 24hrs n more
    I try to look for the Agents in Live chat
    My account block n they take away the live Chat features

    Play @ your own risk

    • please upload your proof to get Gold mine lucky number in blacklisted category…

  6. Hbet63 casino can’t withdrawal who can help me

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