Online Casino Malaysia Scammer

Reported from one of Casinopub Facebook fans, have been scammed by his online casino website..

Here is how you can identify the scammer of online casino…

The Website Design

The incomplete link, worse online casino website main banner design, overall is not looking good.

No Customer Services

No customer service, online email support, but some of the scammer have hire someone on 8 hours basis instant chat support, be careful one that.

Fake email which do not have the website domain

Some of the Casino Scammers using the name of well-know online casino for cover to cheat people. For example, there create an email of one of the

Be make sure the email you communicate with are

Check on any forum

Check on any online casino facebook group or online casino forum of the reputation of the online casino. Those forum such as gamingsafe, yescasino, or our blacklisted online casino listing.

What if you have been Scammed

Please screenshot whatever you could to submit blacklisted in Casinopub for helping others not to fall into the trap again.

The Way of Online Casino Scammers

First way is what i have mentioned here, pursuit you to deposit, then no reply at all.. lol

The second way is anyone just simply create a website for you to play, but their bank do not have much capital to sustain the turnover, if you win a little, they will still let you withdrawal. However, if you have a big win, hehehe… your money will never get withdrawal and they will delete your account, and no reply at you at all.

Below is the touchwin casino which they create an external link to submit deposited form, since their website have incomplete.



  1. From last year I successfully made quite a number of withdrawal from website ( but few nights ago on 14th June 2016 after I’ve won $1560 from my initial deposit of $1500 then i tried to withdraw total of $3060 at 23:20. After waited for 30 minutes I still haven’t get my withdrawal even though it’s stated processed then I contacted GGWin’s Customer Service via live chat. Their CS said will process my withdrawal within 24 hours. Then the next afternoon at 13:00 i reminded them again therefore GGWin’s Customer Service ensure that my withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours by 23:20 on 15th June 2016. Then at 19:00 i checked with them again but GGWin’s Customer Service this time said i will not be able to get my withdrawal on that day due to transaction limit for high transaction. GGWin not only did not keep their promise and they should have withdraw for me earlier. They did not give a reasonable answer till insisted to. Then they said will withdraw my money once the bank’s system refreshed after 00:00 on 16th June 2016. I proceeded to wait till 01:00 due to bank’s maintenance. I kept refresh my maybank2u and after only about 1-2 minutes when the system is readied for transaction I’ve contacted GGWin’s Customer Service again. They said my withdrawal is processed but I did not get my withdrawal in my account. GGWin’s Customer Service said have to wait till next morning during working hours to check. I kept insisting them to check with the person handling finance as there must be someone in charge all the time for deposit and withdrawal but the CS kept saying they are not able to saying no one can work 24 hours ( what stupid excuse ). I posted a review in and sent the print screen to their CS. They said noted and will inform their management. Till today they haven’t contact me and when I contact them in their live chat they kept ignoring me. When i use other IP they will only reply but when they know it’s me they start to ignore me again. Now i tried to log in my account but it’s blocked. Players i advice better think hard should you want to deposit to GGWin. I will post many screenshots from the live conversation saved as prove. Even my posted review in was deleted. BEWARE!!! Don’t let GGWin SCAM your money!

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