Player complain win 100K but unable to withdraw is a Scam. I am a Sabahan residing in Johor(working in Singapore). Nowadays a lot of gambling sites is mushrooming in Malaysia. Seeing how terrible the economy has hit Malaysia, a lot of its citizen now turns to gambling. A lot of this online gambling promises high payout. But how true can this be. I have first hand experience on such a website and it is called (formerly known as I have also tried other gambling sites but since it has “Sabah” why not support Sabah. They will use all kinds of ways to lure you into investing in their gaming website. After all there is a lot of other online gambling sites to compete.

One of the attracting game that offered was the 4D gaming where you can buy 4d numbers online instead of queing up at the legal 4d outlet. Other than that, there will be other normal casino games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, slots and etc..Roughly i would invest around rm200-rm1k to play roulette. So on 1 particular day i was playing roulette as usual, it so happen that there was 4d draw as well. So invested around rm200+ to purchase online 4d. When the result came out, my wife ask me if i bought any 4d, and told me that our car number came out 1st prize. and it so happen that my other car no also struck 2nd but from back to front. I have been buying my car number for the pass 3years.and if possible never try to skip. So in total it was RM104,000 that i have won. quickly rang and congratulate me. Before that i have chat with the admin on the website. He told me that max payout is RM50,000. And can withdraw up to 3 times per day.
So i made up a decision to withdraw RM50,000 and another RM50,000. I felt something was not right when call me and said they can issue payment after 2 days. So i just said Ok. And they advise me to give separate bank account since it was a huge amount of money. So i waited the next 2 days and started to plan what can i do with the money. “Settle off my huge debts and bring my whole family go for vacation.” (i was not able to sleep that 2 days, thinking about my winnings).
20th Dec (Tuesday)
20th Dec (Tuesday)
21st Dec(Wednesday)
On the day that they promise to bank in the money, i call them at 10am asking them, what time will they bank in the money. They did not answer me properly. They said have to wait for the person in charge. So i waited and made a call and whatsapp at 12pm. They didn’t want to pick up my call.
So 2pm i was thinking, ok since i have some leftover money inside of is RM1,000).
Why not play a few rounds, and if i win i can withdraw them. To my suprise when i tried to withdraw my winning, rejected my withdrawal. “SUPRISE”, i immediately check with the customer helpline. They did not reply and just close up the Chat. That time i have not logged out from the website. But the moment i logged out, i couldn’t logged in. My account was blocked. I whatsapp, they saw my query,(we could know if someone has read out text, it will double correct sign in blue, right). Then suddenly the picture on the profile was gone.(They blocked me.)
Guys. I just stared at my computer screen and phone disbelieving what just happen. They shut me off. And my winnings are all but a dream that didn’t come true. All the plans, looking at my children to bring them go on holiday was nothing but scattered sadness.
At 8pm i received a call, person informed me that my winning of the 4d was rejected because Sabah and Sarawak draw got leakage of result, and the withdrawal on my winnings on the roulette was rejected because i play other sites….WHAT!!! Readers what type of excuse is this…….
This has been a trauma for me, for winnings around 1k-10k, maybe they will pay, but when it comes to more than 10k…beware, they boastly congratulate you and ask to wait for 2 days then they cut you off. So this blog is to warn people out there to never be fooled or scammed by online gaming. is proven scam.

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  1. Man..i got child too..u know wht u feel..ive chwt the and they said they dont even know who is the winner..and also said the picture was edited..wht a stupid reason for them..please dont belive this company anymore..i hope u guys banned them forever

    • memang company babi dan celaka la tu,, walaupun bukan kena kat saya tapi boleh faham apa perasaan kalau free2 hilang 100k yang kita sedia menang… bukan senang dapat 100k!!! maybe bro akan dapat lebih dari itu next..

    • Should never play with I won around 10k+ last time, they straight blocked me upon withdrawal. I think you should try with , so far the biggest withdrawal I made 12k they have transferred it within an hour. Called me to congratulate, friendly and efficient Customer Service.

    • you are the victim?

  2. memang tipu, tapi spade2u saya pernah main , buat withdraw di tak tipu

    • dah tukar nama ke spade2u bro! sama kompany la!

  3. Im now muflis no any money even meet deposit fo gamebling…emmmm

  4. Kalau main di 7luck88 n casinojr menang byk wang mesti dapat cuci sebab i kawan pernah main m

  5. Spade2u still in list.. Should put it in blacklist casino.. Its a lot of money..

    • will going to take down all the operator in the listing after chinese new year

  6. Weibet is cheapting company dun bet they no pay then blocked ur acct

  7. Betul tu spade2u scam site di live chat sya tanya spade 2u is scam company costumer win 100k canot withdraw terus dia end chatting

  8. This company very bad…not enough money to pay when win highest !!!

  9. .is Spade2u really a scammer.?..can u please verify and clarify such accusations by the complainant..u still advertising Spade2u casino in ur website and gave them a rating point of 8.5/10 which INDEED developed curiosity in me.

    • 8.5 is rate by user average maybe are rated by their all staffs, this few month have too many complaint from large amount and small amount, we are going to drop all the casino from the list.. thanks for your advice

  10. Kenapa nak buat macam ni kan? Kesian orang tu penat je main dah banyak credit tak dapat nak cuci pulak. Company macam ni memang jahat tak Ada otak langsung.. Kawan 2 lain Kali kena pilih company yang betul 2 boleh dipercayai ok

  11. can give a try last week just won 20K from SCR888.. within 30minutes my money is in my bank

  12. INI COMPANY memang SIALAN & jenis pemangsa kalau mahu cuci besar.
    kalau setakat cuci 500 kebawah masih ok lagi la….so, my advice jgn tunggu ribu baru rasa nak cuci…last2 ribu jadi zero.
    ok, so ini sedikit info pasal company ini agar yg lain lebih hati2.
    Nama asal web =
    lepas tu tukar ke =
    lepas tu tukar ke =
    nama web terkini =
    MBB : 510031512635 / CIMB : 8602329294 @ SELAMAT ENTERPRISE

  13. who is the owner of this post? how to get connect to him?

  14. sekarang guna web link pulak

    • this website address salah lah

      • yes now changed to this website already. if you click into it will direct to this site. After scamming me still trying to lure me back with marketing agent calling up to promote their site. I scolded her about my case and she says she doesn’t know anything about it as she just joined the company. The owner behind knows no shame. This has to be the worst scamming site considering so many complaints in this forum. They are basically not scamming selectively but everyone who deposited will not see their money again whether win or not.

        • which website, the website eisma77 mansion is a clothing website… the spade2u not link to their new website already.. so we cannot check

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