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Just would like to share with bros and sisters here who are Maxis user that face zalways struck on updating screen,i found this Vpn service very useful and have Malaysia Vpn ip address which can bypassthe Maxis restrictions and is free 14days full trial upon registration.even after expiration,you just need to invite friends to join and input your invitation id then you will get another 5days for free..hope this info will useful for bros and sisters here..thank you..
here is the link..


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  57. Here i would like give some tips to avoid un wanted tricks from jerk casino..
    I have lots to say & share with all , i wrote not matter of cash but matter of to stop , or let everyone acoid becme the next victim..
    I wont mind if i spend it to lose , but i lose caused this type of Jerk .
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    See this symptom if ever had experiance like me :~
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