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      I looking around some casino reivew or forum malaysia based one, and i saw this Jalansembang which somewhat same like casinopub here, but mainly look more like lowyat more focus on forum.
      I see like alot post and thread, like alot member, but the problem is like 95% of them also casino spaming their own advertisement. Are there even anything useful to look around there ?? Havent even start to mention every page i move, sure die die show me ads first

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      Rank: Level 1 ??… you mean jalanforum is it. i never heard aof jalansembang before worh. If you mean , then got browse abit la. But i see the ads so intrusive keep annoy me every page i go to already sien. the discussion inside more or less same here , more on “members” that advertise thing than people talking, which i think is normal

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