Dice Control?

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      Dice game is one kind of oldest casino game. In ancient time, players strongly believe that dice rolling can be controlled. Most players know the outcome depends on luck and they improve their luck by doing something such as blow toward the dice before throwing. Therefore, Malaysia Online Casino craps players believe they can learn concept of dice control to influence the outcome. It means players can get their desired number. However, it is not an easy task because it requires players to gain skills and keep practice to expertise the game. Most people think it is pure misconception and disagree it is literally workable in craps.

      It is impossible to manipulate the dice completely but players can turn into their favor and gain advantage over the house. The only strategy is to hold the dice is certain manner. Malaysia Online Casino players should learn to wrap their fingers around the dice and roll out in specific ways to create a consistent way of the dice. Remember that when someone can master on dice control, it does not mean he can throw any number he wants but he can produce certain outcomes in their favor in the long run.

      In addition, there is another special term is degree of freedom. It means the dice should be thrown at specific angle to increase winning chance. If they successfully do so, it offer long run favor to players. Further, players should never roll the dice against the table and repeatedly do so will help them to get their desired numbers while avoiding the seven.

      There are some Malaysia Online Casino players claim that they have capability to turn any player into winner while there are some criticize dice control does not help to increase winning chance. The concept of dice control seems can be work, but it takes a long period to see its real result.

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