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      Grab a FREE Ang Pao everyday during the Chinese New Year Event!
      Don’t miss this chance! Play Everyday and Every time!
      You might get the “Surprise” Ang Pao when you play our game!
      We are giving away up to 700,000,000 in chips worth of Ang Paos!

      Terms & Conditions:
      The prize for each Ang Pao is up to 5,000,000 in chips and can be withdrawn.
      The event will start on 28th January 2017 and will last for fifteen (15) days until 11th February 2017.
      All active players are automatically included in this event.
      The Ang Pao mini-game will randomly appear twice (2x) a day throughout the duration of the event.
      All prizes will be immediately credited to the player’s account.
      Participation in this event is free.
      The company reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel the event at any time without prior notice.

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      nak main kat mana and event company apa? AngPow Surprise kat game ular di hanpone Nokia dulu2 tu?

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