Good Bets VS Bad Bets

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      Singapore Online Casino offers a lot of games with different types of bets for players to make when playing at their website. To enhance their probability of winning, there are various good and bad bets that are recommended to make and avoid.

      In blackjack game, it offers the lowest house edge and so players like to bet in this game. By applying right strategy, players improve their chances of winning. Although it is very good game for most players, they should avoid splitting 10’s when dealer shows a 6, stand on 10 or hit on 20. It is considered a very stupid move in blackjack.

      Poker is another form of popular table game at Singapore Online Casino. However, it requires players to have some skill and depends on what cards they are dealt. The rules, odds should be learnt before placing bets. It is so complicated for beginners and limit them to make right moves at the right time in order to win big.

      The worst bet is the tie bet from baccarat game. Even though baccarat is very player-friendly game, tie bet has very high house advantage over players. In addition, roulette bets offer a higher chance of matching the number but it also has lower payout. For instance, the bets like ‘outside bet’, ‘inside bet’ are popular among roulette players. Further, they should avoid betting on American Roulette because of its higher house edge than European Roulette.

      On the other hand, Singapore Online Casino craps game offers different bets and some of them have high payback. For example, the house edge of ‘Pass Bet’ and ‘Don’t Pass Bet’ are not over 1.41%, which is relative low in casino games and players should stick to these bets. Although this game offers some great bets, players still need to keep away from ‘single roll’ and ‘hard way’ bets because both of them have 17% house edge.

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