Interwin: Simple steps to win 50 free bets 好康送50

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      .malaysia Like & Comment Contest
      Simple steps:

      1. Register as Interwin member:Not yet a registered member? Sign up now
      2. Follow @interwin.malaysia instagram
      3. Like & comment 3 of the photos from @interwin.malaysia and hashtag #iloveinterwin
      4. Fill up contest form here:

      The 8th 18th 28th 38th 48th 58th 68th 78th 88th 98th contestants will be the winners.
      10 winners will be announced on 20 June. T&C applies:

      Hurry up to try your luck!


      1. 成为interwin会员,赶快登记呗
      2. 追踪interwin instagram: interwin.malaysia
      3. 按赞和留言到interwin instagram三张照片,每个留言并加入hashtag #iloveinterwin
      4. 填写资料–>



      任何问题请在以下发问。Please comment below for further inquiry.
      谢谢。Thank you.

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