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      sorry to complaint for this..I also don like to do till writing here like this but its really make until cannot cool down anymore..
      i no need to write so long, I just write what that can understand in short only..if long long maybe little hard to read till end’
      on 04June2021 chat start time 23:14 i livechat and i list down problem that i facing and i need to solve it(exactly same like what i list on livechat):-
      1)i wan to deposit n transfer money to 1xbet account(what account details?)
      2) i will use cash deposit machine to transfer my money(can i transfer using cash deposit?)
      3)why 1xbet have so much of method to submit request for deposit? i play others website only have 1 or 2 method to request for deposit.

      and the conversation end on time 00:02 my problem still not yet solve so i just end it..
      time 23:14 until 00:02 already 45min++ and still not yet solve my problem..
      in the middle of the conversation my question n answer that i get is really make me more confuse..
      u can try to check back my livechat conversation on 04june2021 time 23:14..

      ok i also lazy to write n sorry if i make u feel not convenience..

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