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      Apart from playing online slots and poker, there are other exciting games at Malaysia Online Casino. Among different kinds of games, one of such categories is baccarat. Due to its simplicity and popularity, most players tend to participate in this game. In one round of baccarat, a player will receive two or more cards and decide to make one of three bets such as player, banker or tie. This step is very important because it determines whether a player can be a winner or not.

      When counting hand value, any double digit will be ignored, means the second number is the only digit to be counted. For example, if a player’s hand total is 16, it means his hand is 6 only. Its rule is pretty simple as players just make their hand total closest to 9.

      Further, in baccarat game, it uses 8 decks of cards and each player bet ahead of dealing each hand. When players choose to play baccarat at Malaysia Online Casino, they can select to use single desk as it is the best strategy to hold the best bet. In other word, players should choose the game with as few decks as possible in order to increase their chance of winning. In addition, statistic reports showed that players should bet on banker side as it proved it is the maximum winning probability as well as lowest house edge. Moreover, players should avoid betting on tie as it is said to reduce player’s winning chance.

      Another important tip for Malaysia Online Casino players need to know is to understand commission charged by the house. Of course, the less is better. In most casinos, standard commission rate is 5%, so players have to find an online casino that charges commission lower than 5%. On the other hand, baccarat is based on player’s luck so it is not wise to make gambling decision according to previous result.

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