MBA66 scam

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      I am a foreigner residing in Malaysia for past 4 years.
      Recently I register with in Jan-17.
      I started betting and my winning amount reached more than MYR 100K.
      When I made a withdrawl of 50K. The company claims that the main casino from Philippines need to undergo investigation for 3 weeks. In the mean time they blocked my login to the website.
      After 3 weeks and lot of mails from me,
      There is a reply from them saying that,
      First I am a foreigner which indicates me as a syndicate.
      Second point is that I am accessing the site from out of Malaysia.
      The strange thing is that there is no terms and conditions specified in the website that the user should be Malaysian, or should access the site from Malaysia only.

      I played 2 suites totally.
      1. GamePlay
      2. Allbet

      I am writing this post to get some suggestion from anyone how to reach the above said (Gameplay & Allbet) to lodge a complaint and get my winning money back.


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      Most of the casino in malaysia is hard to withdraw for large amount of money since we have received a lot of complain in 2016 and decided to drop all the Malaysia Online Casino Listing in our website and remain the new start-up casino.

      Obviously This is the excuse of not paying you the winning.. but we cannot judge who are right or wrong..

      So Please choose a trusted online casino recommended by Casino Pub which have Million turnover daily and 50K and 100k will be considered a small amount for them.

      feel so sorry for you.

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      What if I make a police complaint?
      If I disclose their banking accounts to the police that is being used for deposit, will they account get freeze?
      I want to make a complaint to Cybercrime department and Police Complaint and Bank Negara on this.

      Waiting for a any advice from members.

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      1. first, Online Casino is illegal in malaysia, so it is not protected by government, so no point to make a police report.

      2. they have many account, so properly they have abandoned the account used to cheated you, so if you report the account, they have nothing to lose.

      3. the account is borrowed or rented from strager, so innocent people will get involve and they do not know who is behide on the online casino.

      So in Malaysia, the best way is the choose a trusted company if you are high roller.

      for this case:
      i think the victim also did not make police complain, it is uselss.

      And one of the recent scam that publish on the newspaper that involve more then 150k cannot withdraw and he seek public organization for help, also do not have solution, they just advice player do not gamble online.

      What we can do is, To Choose the trusted online casino is the best protection for player.
      Hope you get luck next time.

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      bro my friend face the same problem with you! but my friend about just 13k also no let withdraw! is a not trustable online cash deposit website…. all members please help to spread and share !
      customers win money cannot withdrawal and give the reason of same email to the ‘HQ’
      soon i will post out all the chat with live chat and with the ‘HQ anyone still using please immediately stop and become another victims! this is the proof
      u can view the page or else u can help me share it and promote it!

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