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      Malaysia Online Casino roulette is a game of pure chance but players still believe they can do something to increase their winning chance. Therefore, more and more myths have appeared around this game. Some myths are simply superstitions while some bring significant negative impacts.

      First of all, the myth is whether there are sleeping numbers exist in roulette wheel? For those numbers that never landed on wheel even once are known as sleeping numbers. Players believe there are some colors or sectors which has not been won for a long time. Therefore, they make bets on these numbers and colors because they perceive the ball is going to be landed soon. However, the chance that a sleeping number to be drawn is the same as other numbers.

      Further, it is also normal for Malaysia Online Casino players to have strong confidence in their luck numbers will guarantee them to win huge amount of money. So whether players bet on their lucky numbers can win? Any numbers that bring money to player before seems to have same probability of hitting the prize.

      Another myth is staking system can bet roulette. However, professionals treat this statement as a joke as it is the least effective to beat roulette. Many players may find a system very appealing at the first place and it leads to winnings but they lose a lot afterwards. This kind of system is created to lose after a running streak against players and once such outcome happens, it is a sharp and huge loss.

      Lastly, Malaysia Online Casino players should understand the spin outcome is totally independent. Some players believe the result of previous spins will affect the outcome of next spin. The fact is pretty clear: all numbers have same odds and nothing influences on the result of a spin.

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      really informatibve post, and everything in it is true

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