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      Hi everybody~

      Its my honour to talk to you all, I’m here to introduce a captivate game which is belum try belum tahu lepas try hari-harimau XD~called Saiyan Battle powered by Dream Tech.

      Dream Tech is a slot game publisher which committed to create an Anime based game, to bring back your childhood, that young heart just by entering the game and to recall the once-romance in childhood in every player

      Up until today, I am still a big fan of Dragon Ball, Goku…… I orgasm just by looking at Goku, and his biceps~

      Let Dream Tech Saiyan Battle game bring you on an exciting adventure, with the amazing sound effects and graphics.

      Saiyan Battle Loading

      Loading page , Goku on his magical cloud, shhhooo cute ! This recall my childhood memories …… cry

      Goku fighting

      Different with the normal slot game, its like a battle, Goku against Freeza… YAZZZZ
      When the same icon appear on the payable line and the icon will be eliminated and new icon will fall replacing with new chances to get another combo, there will be UNLIMITED COMBO with just a click! Try to think about it~

      Big WIn

      If the symbol Dragon Ball (Scatter) appear from left to right on the payable line, it’ll trigger Free Game, the grand total is up to 300 rounds!!!

      Free Game

      During free game, Goku will become super Saiyan !! Hollyshit my Goku!!! Kame-Kame HA!!!!
      Saiyan Goku

      MEGA WIN ! Shenron here, faster come and make a wish ~ wish me get more and more mega win please…

      We don’t talk anymore~ we just play more and more~~


      I love you DT, i love Saiyan Battle !

      Official test play:

      Official website:
      Tel: +63 9567563507
      *Free of charge for distributor until 31.12.2017 with terms and conditions apply

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