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      Point2win Lucky Draw Magnum4d date: 1 Feb 2017

      Member still Can Buy The number…

      if we cannot choose the 3 winner, we will choose on the next magnum4d Draw

      example result 2221,3411, 8999, so we will choose two winner, of 221, and 411, thrid winner will choose on next magnum result

      Please Read the Process again :

      How it works

      Phase 1

      1. Purchase how many lucky numbers you want.
      2. Check your lucky number in 48 hours on this page.
      3. After accumulated 40,000 points, we will start the lucky draw.
      4. 3 lucky members will be chosen by  First, second and third result of 3 last digit of Magnum4d

      Phase 2

      1. RM 200 will be deposited into the online casino and will start to play followed by the pre-defined playing strategy.
      2. if win, this prize will be lucky drew again between 3 members. if loose, no prize will be given .

      Phase 3

      1. Live Streaming Game of Casino to play: Sic Bo
      2. Amount : RM 200
      3. Max Win: RM 400
      4. Strategic: Bet RM 5, double down if lose. (to be discuss by the 3 lucky members)
      5. After winning of RM 400, will be decided by 3 member whether to continue the game.


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      写错字了。。phrase2 的第二段 loose=lose…

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