Ronaldo: Do not Compare me with Lionel Messi

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      Messi & Ronaldo BFF
      Cristiano Ronaldo asking journalists to stop comparing him with Lionel Messi. Ronaldo and Messi has become an icon of modern soccer player. Equally great and excel, they are always compared. But according to Ronaldo, the comparison was already too far away. Journalists compares even not in the context of football, but it has touched their private lives. Their children are also compared, both in health and intelligence. Even their personal business were also compared.

      “Cristiano is Cristiano and Messi is Messi. We both just doing our job as a football player, do not compare us again. We are two different individuals who are in the same field” said Ronaldo. “Not as reported, actually we respect each other”, he added.

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