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      Sic Bo is a game very similar to craps but the main difference is Sic Bo is played with three dice whereas craps is played with two dice. In Malaysia Online Betting, Sic Bo is a game which is hard to forecast the result so it is said not necessary to know any specific strategies to play. However, players still have to know some tips to increase their chance of winning. It is normal for players to bet on the lowest house edge option.

      Among various betting options, Big and Small bet has the lowest house edge and highest probability on the table. Casino’s winning edge will be much lower if such bets are placed. Further, if Malaysia Online Betting players should place bet on Small or Big as both of the house edge are only 2.76%. The small bet means players have to get a total from 4 to 10 while a number between 11 and 17 for betting on big. Predicting the total is much easier than specifying what the dice will yield.

      On the other hand, players also should know which bets are high house edges. For example, “Two of a Kind” which means player bets on two individual numbers and both numbers appear on any two of the three dice. Even though the payout rate of this bet is 5 to 1, its house edge is 16.67%. For those players want to make money in a short period, they should bet on Triple areas. However, the house edge will be much higher.

      In Malaysia Online Betting Sic Bo game, the dice roll randomly and unpredictable so strategies to play based on predicting the result are not going to work. In addition, understand how to play Sic Bo will not only retain more of bankroll, but also able to stay longer in the game.

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      what also have tips…soccer match have tips?

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      Very interesting game, I like it)

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      there’s someone I know that I could say he is one of legend in this game. he is still alive and living in hong kong. the living legend is stephen chow. 😀

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