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      In Singapore, there is one online platform called Singapore Sport Betting. This platform is designated by the gambling company TONY88 and they offer betting on a variety of sports like football, basketball, tennis and so on. Other than that, there are bonuses and promotions that you can redeem to help you to increase your capital while you want to bet on sports.

      There are many types of tournaments or leagues that could be easily find in the platform but in this case, it is not an isolated case. It is doesn’t matter which tournament we are looking for, Premier League, Champions League or any other league. Online bookies like Singapore Sport Betting has provided a better odd. When we are betting via online, it is very important to pick a website that is well structured and supports the currency that you are using. This platform that I am explaining is one of the example that hit the requirements, so you may take into the considerations. Although the selection of online platform is keep on increasing, but if we are focusing on the security of the platform it might be a limited selection to choose. Also, you need to find the platform with the language that you could understand easily and feeling comfortable to use. This is because there are some foreign bookies that are from Philippine or Indonesia, they might didn’t have the language that you master with.

      So, is it legal for betting in Singapore Sport Betting? There are several diverse laws that regulate gamble in Singapore. There are also many situations could be used for this question. Let’s say, if someone is travelling to the other country but he is betting on the online platform from Singapore, this would be obviously legal. So, if someone use the same platform in Singapore, will it still be legal? The laws didn’t specific mentioning this issue, so this question is still in the grey area.

      However, the records show that there are zero players were arrested or fined due to betting through online in Singapore. So, it could be said as it is safe to use.

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