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      Vacancy open for Malaysia that is:
      -18-30 Years Old
      -Able to speak, read and write Chinese
      -Flight Ticket provided once pass probation, back to malaysia every 6 months*
      -Working Visa bound by Company
      -Housing and food allowance provided, exclude from your salary, extra given by the company- Around RM 2000
      -Salary Range around RM 3400
      -Increment of salary is fix based on how long you work. average USD 100 after a few month
      -USD as currency
      -Currently there is also Malaysia who are working in the company
      -Working Location is Philipines

      *However, if you keen for the job, once confirm will work in philinpine, kindly bank in RM 200 for me as referral

      You may left your email here below or line id

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      so the salary basically is
      RM 3400 + RM 2000 accomodation..
      how nice is the accommodation?
      employee sarch accomodation themself?

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      It is RM 3400 + RM 2000(Food + accommodation)

      First month you will be staying in company condo
      Second month you have to find your own stay, so depend on how nice you find your own condo, allowance is given

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