I have been playing cards for a few years now, and I have passed the earliest stages of the panic phase, basically I was betting randomly at that time. After that, I constantly learn different ways of playing, and now I have basically stabilized my own playing style. With experiencing much bitter sweetness I have only the most self-understanding. Recently I would like to summarize some experiences to share with novice players as well as with all gamblers.


Now we will discuss on two enemies of gambling: the first is greed, there are many players at the beginning of the betting set a goal, for example after winning 500 MYR, they will stop. In fact, winners after conquering that target, their heart want to risk a further session, to win a little more. This is called greed.


You should know that for gambling you lose more as the longer your playing time last, the higher the probability of losing is. On the one hand, the probability is decisive, on the other hand, when we play continuously for a long time, our spirit will not be alert any more. I have some advice for you: first, before fighting, I hope you have the odds and losers in the pot. Once you have achieved the value you set out to, immediately leave, not to be contrary to the rules set out by yourself.


The second is on how to set the win limit, which depends on the status of each person, which can be based on personal habits to set up. I will introduce to you my own establishment position. Loss levels allow: no set, until losing all the money, only preparing psychological if facing with the failure. If you have to set the level of loss, then you would rather reserve less capital money. And the allowed winning degree is twice as much as the capital, then going to rest.


The advantage of this is that the hope value of winning twice as much capital and losing is equal. If you play for a long time and winning is more times than losing, you will be profitable. Personally I do not like to set up a small win like the type of about 20%. I do not talk much anymore, people can experience it and feel it.


The second point is hasty which expresses mainly through two aspects: one is the hasty gambling mood, I myself also experienced, I belonged to working class, during the work I also think of gambling, sometimes just taking the phone out to surf the forum to see what happens, or whether there is no any incentive activities or not, etc. A few days ago I had a text telling about the highest realm of gambling: “Gambling in hands, not in heart.” I have come across your feedback, many of you do not understand its implications.


On this occasion, I will explain to you, “gambling in hands” is the intention of the mind which is always in the betting, no matter what purpose, rely on gambling to make money or entertainment. “Gambling not in the heart” is the highest realm, the intention is not to put the card, do not complain about gambling, not excited about gambling. Gambling is considered as a small thing in life, which do not deserve to think of.

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  1. your link for more gaming strategy leads to mas8 online gaming site. Are you recommending this site ?

    • Yes. I like Beacause , Supporter is good and withdrwah very quickly 🙂

      • this site very different from others. once you register and log in it goes to another homepage which is similar to another sites which i have also registered and play. Scare if take welcome bonus later say i open multiple acs and refuse withdrawal. Better don’t take the risk

  2. i agree with what u was saying with this 2 big enemies of gambling…but if can better don gambling and look for others interesting thing to do or find a new hobbies… if win then everyday is holiday…if lose then u can imagine it also…

    • Thanks for your Feedback . I will find a new hobbies. I think , i will give up gabling after i finded a new Job better than now 🙁

  3. Yeah! Thats a good ideA.m

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