8 Types of players in landed casinos

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There are different casino players both in land-bases casinos and online casinos and they have distinct personalities and gambling habits. They all have various reasons for their gambling activity. It is always good to be aware of the people around you including those you are playing with. Having this information can help you know the kind of player you are or help you know who to avoid or play with.

You will certainly find all these players inhabiting casinos and gaming establishments wanting to achieve different things such as:

  • Play for the first time

first commer

These are the casinos newcomers or those that have visited casino but never played a game. Some of these players tend to ask the casino staff a lot of questions before they can take up a game. They lack the knowledge and confidence to play a game. While a few of these newcomers become very lucky and win in their game of chance most of them make foolish and illogical bets and end up losing their bets.

Some of these casino virgins are so excited and try to play different games without any idea of what they are doing.

  • Earn money 

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These are players found in casinos whose main goal is to play and win, and they are known as professional players who tend to show off their knowledge. They take gambling as a job and the main source of income. They are keen to learn the rules of the game and prefer a quick play mostly with the dealers only.  These players have plenty of experience and have great skills and techniques in their games of choice. They make use of statistics and records to guide their gambling moves. The professional gamblers are able to control the time and money they spend on gambling.

They do not have a problem gambling nor do they allow emotions rule their hand. They are able to analyze and overcome odds and they patiently wait for the best bet and win big as much as they can.

  • Play for fun 

play for fun

Players that just play for fun are also called social players. They take gambling as a recreation and social activity. They do have control over the cash, time and energy spent on gambling and they do not take it as their main entertainment activity.  While in the casino, they play as much as they socialize. Their betting is occasional and whether they win or lose during the game play, they believe that it is the cost of entertainment.

They do not let the gambling activity interfere with their social, family or vocational responsibilities.

  • Spend their money

spend money

These are players that play for high stakes. They play daringly and spend lavishly and some even like to show it off especially in land based casinos. When they become regulars of the casino they become the casino’s valued customers. These players are known as high rollers or whales. They get VIP treatment and get comped for everything.

In online casinos they get tiered tickets in which they get additional rewards. In land-based casinos they get invited to premium player lounge which is a private gaming salon that is normally in an exclusive and restricted-access area in the casino.

  • Lose money

lose momeny

These people do not go to casino with the sole intention to lose their money but just enjoy putting their money at risk which gives them an adrenaline rush. Most of these people are serious gamblers and compulsive gamblers. These people love to bet and end up losing a lot of money but keep on coming back to the casino to play some more.

You will find some of these players playing games that have house edge but still want to take chances with their money. And when they lose in a game they want to chase loses. Some these players struggle to keep their composure.

You will find them soaking up the casino atmosphere and enjoying the action. These players spend lots of time and money gambling.

  • Enjoy the gambling experience


There are the players that go to casino for the experience and not necessarily for the winnings. They just want to relax and get lost in the crowd and enjoy the gambling adventure after a long day and forget the anxiety, boredom, anger and other pressures surrounding them. They take gambling as their main source of relaxation as it offers them an emotional release. These gamblers are also known as escapists. They just want to be in a casino and take advantage of the amenities and perks the casino has to offer.

The other group that goes to the casino for the experience are the conservative players that you will find playing at the low minimum table games. They are always in a cautionary mode and most of them play slowly and keenly. They have no high risk tolerance and they can never step up to high stakes games.

  • Walk around and not play

walk around

It is hard to lack these players in the land-based casinos. Some of them just want to use the casino amenities such as the casino restaurant and bars and enjoy some drinking and dining. Some go into the casinos to see shows.

There are also those that just want to watch other players play and learn the game.

  • Irritate others


These are called antisocial players and they just go to the casino to annoy people and just piss them off and spoil the action for other players. These could also be the players that cheat in the game to win.

Some of these players just seek for attention and use foul language to dealers. Others are cynical and go around the casino trying to underplay the casino services secretly hoping to get the staff’s attention and get pampered with the casino perks so as stick around the casino.


There are a lot more reasons why people visit casinos whether it is visiting an establishment or playing in online casinos. Casinos are diversified entertainment and gambling destination that have something for each and every one that walks into the casino doors or clicks in an online casino. They attract players from various backgrounds and professions. All these players want some emotional or physical fulfillment that comes from being in a casino environment.


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