www.3star88.com is a scam

I have deposited RM 260 on 21 June 2017 at http://www.3star88.com/ claiming 100% welcome bonus. I requested withdrawal RM 5256 after finish my turnover. TO my surprise the customer service told me my fund need to be hold for investigation and they can’t give me exact time for checking.

I have followed up with the customer service every 3 days and the answer given by them is always same “waiting feedback from provider”. Today is already 8 July 2017 almost 1 month, I decided to contact them last time before taking action. As per expected, their answer is still the same

Guys if you can help me in this matter I will reward you
1. If you guys can help me to get back my capital RM 260 I will give you RM 50
2. If you guys can help me get my winning RM 5256, I will share my half winning RM 2600 to you
3. If you guys can get a proof/evidence from them/provider within a week to prove that my betting got problem, I will also give you RM 100 (it is unlikely to happen because I am convinced that I did not placed any invalid or illegal bet. But the offer is to prove that I am transparent and nothing to hide from)

My user is lysiew123
我是6 月21号进了RM 260, 拿100% bonus, 打完洗钱要洗RM 5256
Customer service 说我的bet 要调查,我问他大概要多久他说不知道。

我每三天follow up他们一次他们都是给我同样的答案就是provider 没回复。今天已经7月8号都快

证实我的赌注没问题但是还是照黑我, 可能5000对很多小公司已经很大的数目,所以不黑百不黑。


我的user 是 lysiew123

Email Address: help@3star88.com
WeChat ID: cs3star88
Whatsapp: 011-33605032
YM ID: cust_service3tar88@yahoo.com
QQ: 2264931249

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  1. 拿welcome bonus 赢很多钱的,我个人认为大多算都不会出钱。来来去去都是一样的理由需要调查有问题一堆的藉口,但往往都不了了之的。但是这间也算有名的赌场吧。之前看一些网友在这发布的几家都是大公司,也是超过5000就Block。

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