2018 CNY Ang Pow

5000 pcs of Scratch Cards

W138 RM 300 Credit = 1 pcs

K138 RM 50 Credit = 5 pcs

Dafabet RM 30 Credit = 5 pcs

Vegas996club RM 10 Credit = 20 pcs

5x Turnover needed.

Comment at the bottom with your username (sponsor casino username) to ring us to check if you got the prize.

Your winning will credited to you gold coin. Click here to check your gold coin.

5000 张 可以刮

W138 RM 300 现金筹码 = 1 张

K138 RM 50 现金筹码 = 5 张

Dafabet RM 30 现金筹码 = 5 张

Vegas996club RM 10 现金筹码= 20 张

5x Turnover 需求.


您所赢取的奖金将会存入您的金币。 点击这里查询您的金币余额.

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  1. Please Share Before Scratch or your prize will be disqualified.

    Where to share?what to share?

    • click the button.. haha, the button look like not a button, we will fix that

  2. Username: boyy92

  3. Most reliable news

  4. where is the button?

    • 修复了,可以了,谢谢

  5. you have register already, just play will do, but remember to share

  6. 4700 card left, no one win any card yet. BY the way, we create so less of empty cards, those Ang pow will be finished grab soon, have to come out another angpow event again to welcome Chinese New year..

  7. i get vegas996club rm10 free

    • well done, verify you have won, please send us your username of the vegas casino, thanks

  8. Boyy92

    • Negative 10 gold coin have benn given of giving fault info

  9. Fakrulhakimi

    • which online casino credit did you win, is this your username at the online casino?

      • Negative 10 gold coin have benn given of giving fault info

      • Khairis

  10. Mumynia..

  11. got nothing since 4 days ago

    • there is two RM 10 have been scratch by others… there is still remain the big prize

  12. What i must share.nothing out went i push that lol botyon

    • which button you have click?

  13. This is the fuvking shit game all time

    • any problem? you need enough point to play this

  14. the current status of the scratch card remaining:
    No win=4003
    300 Gold=1
    50 Gold=5
    30 Gold=4
    10 Gold=17

  15. why i always got nothing…never get anything??

  16. Vegas996club RM 10 Credit
    Username : wirusz77

    • please check few hours later… they will credit to your account

  17. Yasmin
    K138 RM50

    • rewarded, please wait

    • they casnnot find your username of k138, please register and tell us the username and we will resent request

  18. wasting my points 2000++,never get anything

    • lol, 5000 x 20 = 100000 point to be wasted in total.. you occupy 2% already….

  19. Vegas996club username : wirepith

    i got win RM10

  20. Vegas996club username : wirepith

    i win rm10. how to claim?

    • i sent request to them, they will credit to you vegas account in 24 hours

  21. Updat eof current remaining card
    No win=3481
    300 Gold=1
    50 Gold=3
    30 Gold=4
    10 Gold=14
    Total card remainning = 3503

  22. 如果fb被block了,可以用新的取代吗

  23. vegas996 RM10

  24. vegas996 RM10
    username vegas996: eugene86

  25. not yet receive..??

    • please wait, request have sent and this will not controlled by us, thanks

  26. alrdy 22 hours..not yet receive

    • we sent alrady, you just wait, nothing we can do…

  27. Chinozbelacan = Vegas996club

  28. Hi how to claim for the bonus gold coin, I get Vegas996 20 gold coin user name kv13888 at Vegas996,casino pub I’d kv1388 tqvm

    • request sent to them already, please wait for your credit in 24 hours

  29. Need more point

    • hi, you have win the lucky draw already, please register K138 and Vegas996 and give us your username to credit your freebet, thanks

  30. Chinozbelacan claim rm10 to vegas996club

    • we need your username at vegas club and k138 club, you win two prize…

  31. ffffuck

  32. Vegas996-ying0926

  33. Username:yingirene ,

  34. Winning rm10 from vegas996
    Username: boybbmc9297

  35. I am still waiting for my rm10 free credit Vegas996.
    Casino-pub username: boyy92
    Vegas996 username: boybbmc9297

    • please wait, nothing we can do, i will send again to them

  36. hi raven ,
    Im winning K!38 RM50
    username :afiyx

    • request sent to them, please wait, you are lucky

  37. current Status
    No win=2413
    300 Gold=1
    50 Gold=2
    30 Gold=4
    10 Gold=9
    Total 2429

  38. thank you. yeahh. im a lucky one after 2 time winning..

  39. raven, why i cant see my comment at here if i login? i just see everything igf i logout..

    • impossible, could you record a video for this problem and show us, we will reward you 2 silver coin and 500 points

      • we found the problem, reward you already

    • problem solve, please check again, please check other problem if you can, thanks

      • Problem resolve. 🙂 ..another prob no big thing, just when i need check reward prize below picture reward didnt show point to redeem.. just 0… they not show 4000 points for example. just star and 0 .. thankyou for the point and reward, and one more thing when can i receive credit from K138 ?

        • i dont know what you mean.. can you show me which page?
          ” another prob no big thing, just when i need check reward prize below picture reward didnt show point to redeem.. just 0… they not show 4000 points for example. just star and 0 “

  40. Hi im win rm50..how to claim

  41. My username aditmar91 casino k138

  42. Hello

    • be patient, you are not in facebook when someone you seeing posting about giving free credit, casino pub take time to settle ur winning.. i also winning same item like u, just waiting, maybe take 24hour to receive ur winning… huhuhu…

  43. Can u answer me plss,,i want to claim

  44. So u still not get ur winning..

    • yup

      • i believe you got already… because they have many customer service but only one person handle casino pub request

        • How about me? I still not get my winning..

        • Hello raven?? How long i must wait for my winning credit to my account

        • Hello why no answer? When can i get the winning point??

  45. Hello admin can u answer my question?
    When can i get my winning??

  46. Almost 24 hours still not receive my winning..

  47. dont take everything for granted… some people think casino owe them and keep on spaming our wall and keep on disturbing K138 casino customer service because of this so call almost 24 hours… and so on…

    Guys do you thinks this guy should be given a Free credit? or we should take it back a release to public to scratch again?

  48. Hi raven Im win on vegas996 this is my username aditmar

  49. Hai raven not yet send request to vegas 996

    • sent.. just wait

      • Raven?? I want to ask why my 10 gold coin not deducted ?? If u already send the request?

        • request already sent, moderator forgot to deduct.. thanks for your reminding

  50. hi raven, i winning again :))

    vegas996 RM10
    username : wirepith

  51. Hi admin, my gold point already deduct, my history write just “request sent” not “request send to vegas” .. and i dont get any reply from u.. sorry for asking…

  52. hi admin, sorry keeping posting make u annoying 😛
    i got new winning today again haha..

    vegas996 RM10
    username : wirepith

    tq 🙂

    • cannot claim already, they allow for new member only, you keep the gold coin first for future other even usage

      • is it true Raven? so that is mean, 10 gold points that i win before (RM10 Vegas996club) also cannot to claim? because, everyday i will login in Vegas996 website but the balance is still zero. but it’s okay. i’m okay if cannot claim the free credit. so my gold points balance would be 10 right? hehee anyway thanks Raven.

        • hi, you can claim only one time from vegas996, if you havent claim yet let us know

          • What do u mean? U mean claim this free credit rm10 by vegas996 that i win from the cny scratches card? If u mean this, i still not receive the free in my account in vegas996. Since u told me about u already send request for my free credit rm10 in our last coversations on email, until now i still got nothing. But if true all this are not valid anymore, i dont mind actually. I still can do another games in casino-pub websites right? Hehe

          • if you are not getting your RM 10 free bet, you have to contact us again, we will investigate… please submit contact us and tell us your username of vegas and i send request again… and tell me the detail and complain included if it is neccessary

  53. User name kv1388
    Vegas996 Rm10 x1

  54. hi raven, im winning again today

    dafabet RM30

    username : afiyx

  55. Vegas996 User name kv13888
    Vegas996 Rm10 x1

  56. sorry. i just check my emel now, u can check my reply

  57. I got vegas998 rm10. Hmmm…

    Vegas998 rm10
    Username : wirepith

  58. Vegas996 rm10
    Username :hanizan

  59. hai.. blh bg tau sy apa lg yg perlu buat selain dr register kat vegas996 dan bg username kat sini utk claim free kredit yg sy dpt ni

  60. Vegas996club RM10 credit
    vegas996club username: markkong3493

    actually i scratch and win this RM10 on March 6, 2018 2:53 am..
    sorry for the so late claim because on the time i win this that time i was in half busy status online..
    in that time my mind is thinking that i will claim it after my some busy work but i was totally forgot about it until today..
    my account currently have 10 gold coins and can i request to redeem it?
    reply me with update and sorry again for my late claim.. 🙂

    • cannot redeem already, but the value will still valuable, just keep it to add up the value..

      • Raven…no excuses for me meh?
        i forgot to claim it only…for this 10 gold coins only value to buy lucky number only..others than that not using gold coins..

        • cannot already, keep the point you will get more in value soon

  61. Dafabet username: biboyy
    Casinopub username: boyy92

    Win → Dafabet RM30

  62. Win Vegas996 RM10

    Vegas996 username: boybbmc9297
    Casinopub username: boyy92

    • just keep the gold coin, for future use.. this already past

      • How about my dafabet? Cannot redeem also? Im just asking 🙂 hehe tq admin

  63. Dafabet user name :Kvy1388
    Casino pub user name :kv1388
    Win dafabet :Rm30
    ((Hope dear cs help me to process n check it redeem for me, sorry for disturb &Thank you dear cs ))

  64. No reply ?

    • Ok tqvm dear cs, just waiting ur reply when done sorry for disturb again

  65. Hello cs here?

  66. Still no received free, ur email say give today, when?

    • i believe you have receveid your credit already

  67. Hello cs u promise yesterday will give the free until now still haven’t received any email so is呒?

    • i believe you have receveid your credit already

  68. K138 RM50 credit
    K138 username : markkong

    details of my winning April 22, 2018 6:00 pm
    Raven…inform me with any update..hope to hear from u soon.. 🙂

  69. why not reply?
    i wan to claim K138 RM50 credit
    K138 username : markkong

    • because comment is not priority for us to check

      • ok..anyway need thank to K138 for sponsor this and also thank u for help me to claim this credit..
        but its not my day because I not win…
        but nevermind coming day will not be the same..winning is on the go

  70. Kiddy7

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