Agent score point scr888 supply

this post marked as scam, someone have reported this agent. 

HOW TO BECOME SCR888 AGENT ? * Have to apply for the management platform’s agent account Management Platform is used by operator or agent for service customers to playing casino games at Casino Client or Casino Apps. For Example : create player account & password, add game point or take out game point, check game log, statistic report, and more… Please read the following to find out more details to apply for Management Platform’s Agent Account: *Prices Of Game Point = Rated 30% – Buy game point = just pay to 30% of money – Accept to sold back game point, and price will same as 30% – Minimum to purchase 1000 game points = Rm300 Formula : (Amount of Game Point X 30% = Rm ??) For Example : – Buy 3000 points is paid to Rm800 [3000 points X 30% = Rm700] – If customer win&withdrawals 2000 points, and you sold back 2000 points to us, we wlll paid you Rm500 [2000 points X 30% = Rm600] Earn Income / Profit = 70% – When your customer lose, you will earned 70% of money – When customer win & withdrawals, you will loss 70% of money to paid your customer For Example : – If customer lose Rm1000, you will earned Rm750, other Rm250 is funds of buy points – If customer win&withdrawals 1000 points, you have to paid your customer Rm700 1] Just accept to cash trading, and all transaction will using by bank transaction [CashDepositMachine/ATM/Online Bankin,…] [HongLeong/Bsn/Cimb/Maybank/Rhb/Pbb,.. ] ​ 2] When game points are sold out, you can contact us to purchase points ​ 3] Do no allowed anyone to top up game point to other agent account ​ 4] When customer withdrawals, the points will add into your agent account

Whatapp 0129189160


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  4. Oiiii…..0129189160!!!! You trying to scam or what? After i send money you dissappear and no reply at all on your whatsapp. Call also no answer. You tink you can cheat people like this without consequences. You just wait and see. Sooner o later the trail will lead you to hell!!!!

    • please be careful of the unknown agent, you can play with our recommended online casino

      • The writer of this post 0129189160 scammed me of my money . Admin please take down this post and ban these conmen from cheating other people. I have proof that the person using this number 0129189160 cheated me to bank in 150 and straight away he blocked me after receiving my money!!!

        • we wont delete post expecially this post but we will mark as warning to ppl since you have report it in order to let others know is scam with serach in search engine

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