Argentina Lose, They Need Messi

Buenos Aires – Argentina seems to miss the figure of Lionel Messi. At the 2018 World Cup qualification match (12/10) morning, Argentina lost 0-1 to Paraguay in their own country. Though Argentina is far dominated the game, even getting a penalty kick and a kick hit on the pole. Argentina squad which played most of its star like Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria and Marcherano difficulty attacking. All patterns and schemes no one can penetrate the Paraguay strong defense. In the 18th minute, Paraguay striker Derlis Gonzalez scored a goal at Argentina, after receiving an Angel Romero’s pass from the left side of the Argentina defense area. Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero was unable to block the ball. Argentina attack more intense, but no one becomes a goal. Angel Di Maria has a big opportunity, but his shot only hit the goalpost. At the beginning of the second half, Argentina got a penalty kick, after a handball from Paulo Cesar. Unfortunately the executor Aguero did not manage to score a goal after his kick saved by goalkeeper Paraguay, Villar. Even five minutes later, Aguero obtained a golden opportunity again, but his kick hard pushed back by Villar. To increase the attack power, Argentina entering Paulo Dybala. However, still nothing goal for Argentina. Even Gonzalo Higuain did not even make a single dangerous kick. Paraguay goalkeeper played very well on that night. Until the final whistle, the score did not change. Paraguay’s 1-0 win over Argentina.
Back to Lionel Messi. Together with Messi, Argentina has a very good record, where they always win. They attacks that built much sharper with La Pulga. Messi has always been a target man, but he was always able to escape from any defenders and able to send feedback to colleagues, and even score a goal. Without Messi, Argentina proved to be powerless. Quickly recovering from injury, Lionel Messi the Messiah. (Cas)


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