Beware 888forum admin only help sponsor scam players read guy

Beware this forum forum admin , why I report the forum:

Because They only help sponsor at the forum that they don’t care who in right or wrong in this forum, admin only want earn money.
Many players get scam by new agent. admin don’t care at all it .we post bad about the scam,  admin will block and ban your username at the forum together bully players.  beware all members. I will one day report. one time hope police can do something to this and I want the admin give me good answers and get back my hard earn money. if not, I will never stop give up to report the forum.


  1. many forum out there is side on their sponsor, if their sponsor is cheating, the forum you ban you to post the bad thing in their own forum. so what purpose of the forum for to guarantte you winning money?

    Casino Pub is dffierent. We are neutral to all the online casino including sponsor. If the sponsor are cheating you, we will termination their sponsorship. Even they pay more, we will refuse to accept as well.

    Since Malaysia government have not ready to draft a online casino regulation, so, player’s fund are not proteched.
    Hence, Casino Pub Mission is to create a healthy online casino industry and community to protect player and online casino as well.

  2. Ni company scammer ke

  3. Betul2 tahi la ini conpany

  4. Banyak ke company scamm kat sini

  5. Biar betul

  6. hi , casino-pub not the same as

    you can check our domain , telegram @ or

    i will update all scammer lists. kudos to casino-pub . alot of scams are coming form here.

    latest scam list : K9win , win365 , onbet

    potiential scammers : 918kiss, ibc118 (can suspend your acc w/o reasons) running by ah beng, maxim99 (small deposits ok ), fatchoy ,

    malaysia casino : hivd555 , b9 , enjoy11 , ecwon , Smvegas all this dont have scam records . 7-8k withdrawal is fair.

    Good welcome bonus can try ibc777 , 12play , enjoy (high security) , kingpower , all been running for many years.

    The rest are ponzi kind , they run 3-4 months , if their business cant reach enough customer will scam/\\

    our website , dear raven i will only post one time abt our services . includes , domain atacks , bank reports , etc.

    those constantly change

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