BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY weilbetbet Kencing manis

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY is cheat!deposit 500 then win 3000 after want withdraw take whole day time to process then I aldy feel they won’t pay me aldy sure will.use those reason say betting suspicious forfeit the credit,anyone who know this person contact me get back the money I give 1000!!!TQ


  1. u are very lucky already…..can withdraw many times……this company is early scam company already

    • Haiz!thats why before do withdraw always take so long time ,after win more withdraw more then scam aldy!nowadays dont trust those website which is not familiar must find those worldwide website

      • you are rewarded 10 lucky number of gold mine, please check, will be draw on CNY 2018… less people join only, you will have chance to win RM 2000 cash price

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