BolehGaming Scam


I did a withdrawal on 3 Mar 2018 and was approved but they didn’t bank in the money into my account. The reason  my money was on hold due to no update by their providers.

Have follow up with them every week and their CS always give the same excuse. After more then 50 days was account was block.

Players out there please be aware of this scam casino including Bullbet who has the same owner. Play at your own risk


  1. yes..BH is lousy company..withdraw 1000 only then many reason and like beg them to pay me…aware this company..

  2. Looks like there are other players who are facing problem with Bolehgaming / Bullbets. Fortunately for me I got paid by Bolehgaming after 3 weeks of intense follow up including posting here. Last night I finally managed to have my Bullbet rebates credited after one of their senior CS returned from 1 month’s leave and approved it. Story from her is that she was on 1 month’s leave and at same time the company’s manager also on leave. The rest of the CS agents are new and do not know how to handle problem. The thing is how can they leave everything to some new CS agents and affect their business. I am not going back to play in either of these sites for time being. Just too risky, when got problem no one to look for.

    • oh my god, good buiness ruin by a single staff..

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