Can online casino cheat?

There have been misconceptions that online casinos are cheating to make you lose but before explaining that you ought to know that there is always the possibility that you will lose in your game play whether it is in an online casino or actual casino. To win in casino games you must have the skills or some luck on your side.

However it is possible for a casino to cheat but the casinos that do this always run out of business as they are called out and blacklisted, or quickly lead to irreversible damage for a casino. On the other hand, regulated casinos do not cheat. The perception that online casinos cheat comes up when players are on a losing streak and blame it on the fact that games in an online casino have a shorter elapse time. These concerns arise mostly for players playing blackjack, roulette, slots or poker.

Here are some of the factors that dictate if casino will offer fair play or not.

Casino licensing

To get a legal license, the online casinos have to abide to the high standards of service and pass the stringent tests of their software. They must also follow specific regulation guidelines including regular audits of both their gaming software and the propensity to payouts by renowned auditing companies. A third party testing and auditing can help minimize foul play.

Regulated sites have official licenses for fairness and safety and always have countermeasures set in place to ensure unscrupulous activity is not taking place.

Ensure that you play at a casino that is licensed by a respected governing body so that you can be sure that the casino is running fair games. Unregulated casinos could use additional software besides the RNG (Random number generator) to skew the numbers to their favour but it is illegal for regulated online casinos to rig or cheat in games they offer.

Software provider

To ensure that games are fair the software providers put their software through compliance testing where they undergo a randomness and fairness assessment.

If casinos use reliable software from well known brands to provide their casino games, it can help ensure that the player’s game play is fair as it is hard for online casinos to manipulate their providers’ software so as to take advantage of the players.

Random number generator (RNG)

Online casinos run on certified RNG software that helps to pick numbers and cards at random. This ensures that each hand or spin is honestly determined. It also ensures that the players have a fair shot to win, whether it is hit a jackpot or land on a winning combination. RNG is responsible for making the reels and the hand stop at random positions.

These casino algorithms not only help the players get a fair chance of winning but also ensure that there are no players trying to cheat the casino so that they can win.

So you can be confident pressing the button to deal or spin that game and be sure that the RNG will generate game outcomes randomly.

House edge

Every casino has games with built-in advantage (house edge). This is the profit generated as a percentage of the player’s play in other words; it is the profit that helps the virtual casinos remain in operation. Without the house edge in place, the online casinos will probably run out of funds to run the business or continue providing the casino games online.

This means that the possibilities of a player losing is high and in the long-run the casino will make money despite having lucky players that temporarily manage to beat the odds.

Due to the built-in advantage, it will be very unlikely to get a casino that chooses to fix their games for an added advantage over the players.

You should be aware that there are some casino games that operate with a higher house edge than others casino games.

Past reputation

It is always good to thoroughly research the casino before you choose to play to ensure your safety. You should also look at the casino reviews in players’ online forums and message boards or on the independent online casino websites.

Trustworthy sites are very transparent with their licensing information. They have no issue providing information on ownership, playing policies, software providers and casino audits reports. The more transparent the casino is the better the chances of it operating fairly.

User feedback can help know if the casino has a growing reputation. This gives you a green light alerting you that it is safe to play in that casino but when there are a lot of complaints from players, be warned.

In conclusion

Fully licensed and regulated online casinos do not cheat. Therefore, take the time to look up your casino before you play as it can save you a lot of misery. Joining a casino blindly without knowing the kind of gambling experience they have offered to players in the past can be very risky. You should ensure that you are playing in a legally licensed online casino as unregulated casinos can use foul play to increase their house edge and swindle you of your money unfairly.

You should also remember that this is a business and the casino games have house edge built in them therefore you have the same chance of winning or losing in an actual casino as when playing in an online casino.

When you have an unlucky streak, do not blame it on the casino. Even though there are some casinos that deal unfairly, it does not necessarily mean that all virtual casinos are like so.

The bottom line is: Stick to the reputable online casinos!

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